The Infamous "death List" Has Been Updated For 2022

The infamous "Death List" started in 1987, and though it is not a conversation starter, it is defiantly an interesting topic. This bizarre list deals with predicting the deaths of 50 famous people expected to die in the upcoming 12 months.

Though it was supposed to be a "game," many find it disturbing, it doesn't mean that people are not talking about it.

The list was updated for 2022, despite "guessing" 20 out of 50 for 2021.

The Infamous "death List" Has Been Updated For 2022

As predicted by the list, among those who left us in 2021 were Captain Sir Tom Moore, Betty White, Bob Dole, Murray Walker, and Prince Philip.

The committee notes that Betty White was "earmarked for the top spot" on the 2022 list, an honor that now goes to the legendary Dick Van Dyke.

Last year, the top spot went to Prince Philip.

The Infamous "death List" Has Been Updated For 2022

The 2022 list includes Sir Bobby Charlton, Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, footballer Pele, Jimmy Carter, Angela Lansbury, and David Attenborough.

Death is unpredictable, and despite not being too keen to end up on this list, the only thing that makes it bearable is that most of these figures are in their twilight years.

The youngest person featured on the list is Shane MacGowan of the Pogues, who is 65, but his health has been declining for decades.

The Queen is also on the list, though it caused a significant backlash among the Brits for apparent reasons. She is not just the Queen but the longest-reigning monarch in history. 2022 marks the platinum jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II.