The Inevitable Truth: Signs He Cares About You More Than He Says

the inevitable truth: signs he cares about you more than he says

There is no such thing as a universal mathematical equation that could help you solve whether X likes Y more than words can say.

Especially if there are some mixed signals that you constantly get, and you keep asking yourself if this is right.

Dating these days seems hard. To be precise, it's not the dating that is hard, but the people and how they act. Almost everyone is on social media, and yes - they are funny, sarcastic, intelligent, and love the same Netflix shows as you do. That's awesome!

You think that you two would be great together, and yup - the magic on your very first date is real. The butterflies are here, the chemistry is bursting, and life is good when you start falling in love.

Everything starts revolving around those four little words: does he like me? Does this fling have the potential to grow into something bigger?

We know that some guys are not keen on talking and expressing feelings from the start. This is good - who doesn't want a slow-burn romance?

But on the other side, when there are feelings involved, the "taking it slower" mood could ruin the moment. As with everything in life, there should be some balance.

The Earliest Signs

The first couple of dates are full of surprises, butterflies, thoughts, and pressure. A lot of pressure that we usually put on ourselves.

Will you have the same chemistry like you do while you chat on Instagram or over a phone call? Will you click together like two pieces of a puzzle? Will you laugh at each other's jokes?

Well, brace yourselves. Besides the obvious signs, there's something else that could help you find the answer to all of your dilemmas.

Many of your answers are served right in front of you. All you have to do is to keep in focus what he does and how he acts around you.

Because guess what - these little signs will help you clear the picture in your head.

#1 He Blushes When You're Around

So, here he is - the knight in shining armor that's been occupying your thoughts in the past few weeks - standing here in front of you, blushing.

Admit it, it feels a bit embarrassing, but it's cute. It's a fact that our cheek can turn red when we're overwhelmed to see our most favorite person in the world for the first time.

#2 He's Staring

Eye contact is important, and avoiding it is a no.

Imagine this: you're on your date, diving deep into a conversation, and the guy avoids looking at your face. God forbid to look at you straight in your eyes!

First of all, it's not polite. And second - it just doesn't make any sense at all. Yes, you can be shy and all these things, but don't forget the eye contact.

Don't forget that the look in the eyes is the oldest and most powerful tool to win the heart.

#3 He Listens To You

A good listener is a rare diamond these days.

Everyone likes talking. Being in the spotlight, getting all the attention, and the flushing lights are fine. But if the guy just talks, and talks, and keeps talking, then girl, ring the alarm.

To have a guy that is ready to listen to how you explain even the silliest things in the world is priceless. And it's a sign that you're standing next to a person who is interested in you and your opinions as well.

#4 He Says It Through The Body Language

Sometimes body language is more powerful than words. Don't underestimate their importance, and don't forget to read and recognize them too.

If he leans towards you, maintains eye contact longer, you've got it! Often, when we're in the company of someone important to us, we unintentionally mirror their moves.

So yes, the answers to all of your questions hide behind the body language.

#5 He Tries To Connect On Common Ground

We always get along more with people who share similar habits and hobbies.

If he saw that you're interested in running and tries to start a discussion about the new Nike collection of running shoes, it can't be that bad, right?

All beginnings are hard, but there are always those small things that we all have in common sometimes. And even if you two are different, there's nothing to worry about as long as he's engaging in conversations about things you like.

#6 He Clarifies His Relationship Status

There's nothing better than to start the new dating page clean.

We all have baggage in our closets, but if we made a deal with ourselves that these stories are over, then let them be this way.

If he's willing to put his cards on the table from the beginning - lady, you have your answer. He's an honest guy.

#7 He Asks About Your Dating Life

We hate when guys dig deep into our privacy and ask some unpleasant questions for sure. Some questions don't need to be asked at all, but dating life is not one of them.

You went out on a date with him, the chemistry is obvious, and he made his move by clarifying his single status.

It's your turn now.

#8 You Have Your Own Inside Jokes

Humor and jokes are always a good sign. Especially if they vibrate on a similar wavelength.

Having inside jokes in the picture makes you connect on a deeper level.

So, if you two share the same nasty humor, then you're on your right way. Having a partner that gets your humor is one of the best things a girl can have!

#9 He Tells You Personal Details

We feel open to talk about personal or private things only with someone special.

If in any case, that one special person is you, then you'll know it once you've scratched the ordinary topics of discussion from the surface, and turn to something more personal.

Signs He cares about you when you're in a Relationship

As you slowly turn your innocent dates into something deeper, your relationship makes progress.

Fast forward the tape - and there you are - in a five-year-old relationship, asking the same questions as you did in your early days together.

How can I be sure that he still cares about me? Is there a way to know if this is the real deal?

Don't overthink it. You'll make things messier in your head if you add some more pressure to those overwhelming thoughts.

However, there is not a single person in the world that hasn't thought about whether their significant other cares or feels like they did at the very beginning of your dating.

#10 Your Opinions Matter

When a guy values your opinions, you know that this whole story has some potential in it.

If he asks for your opinion, he trusts you. And there nothing better than knowing that he appreciates what you think.

#11 He Works On Problems

Whenever there's a problem in a relationship, there needs to be a solution. Or a will to find one. Everything that involves making a compromise or a discussion full of arguments is good as long as the 'making compromises' doesn't end in hurting or shutting down the one who made the compromise.

If the problem-solving attitude is here, then you'll be able to gradually solve everything that gets in your way.

#12 He Respects Your Personal Space

A guy that cares will leave you enough space when you're feeling like you need some. And most importantly, he'll let you do your thing without being clingy.

Yes, you're together now. But this doesn't mean that you need to do everything in pair. Give it a break and let yourselves breathe a little.

Alone time through the day is a good time for anyone.

#13 He Fits You In

On the other side, the right guy for you will know when he needs to make an effort to show you how important you are to him.

Even if there's a busy day on his schedule, he'll be able to ring you or stop by your place. No matter what, he'll find the time to fit you in his picture, and he won't be afraid to show his intentions to you.

#14 He's Your Go-To Person When You're Upset

You had a bad day and you're upset about something.

But then, the first thing that comes to your mind is him. And you stop crying, you grab your phone and call him.

In the end, he bears with you, listens to what bothers you, he helps you calm yourself. And you start breathing with full lungs because life gets easier in an instant.

Do you think that you still need some signs to confirm that he's your go-to person in life?

#15 He's Comfortable With Your Friends And Family

Friends and family are important to us. We always value their opinions and the approval of our life choices feels good.

When you see that your guy enjoys the company of your friends and family, it can't be a bad sign at all.

On the contrary, if he feels comfortable enough to laugh and get along with the people you love, then this is the sign you're looking for.

#16 He Introduces You To Friends And Family

Guys are simple. If they like you, they'll tell everyone about you, and they won't try to keep you in secret for a long time.

Since he already sees you as a part of his life, it only confirms how your appearance among family and other important people to him is much appreciated.

Don't forget, you feel like family to him too!

#17 He's Interested In Your Future

Some guys are not good with words. However, a guy who has serious intentions about you will find a way to show it.

At some point, the questions would start popping, and all answers will run smoothly, even naturally. But don't hesitate to initiate a question or to discuss a possible new stage of your relationship.

If he feels the same, you'll know that you have something worth keeping.

#18 He Doesn't Want To Go To Bed Angry

All couples have some bad periods or phases. Let's break the stigma of the perfect relationship where there is not a single fight.

Ladies, spill the tea: we fight, we cry, we have arguments. It's healthy and it's normal. As long as it doesn't involve any violent episodes in it, we're good.

But if he makes an effort to show you that he wants to start the day with a clean page and he needs to bury the hatchet, then trust him.

You mean to him, he doesn't want to stay mad at you and needs to clear everything that got messy.

#19 He's Ready To Grow Old With You

A promising relationship is not always about moving in together and living your best life.

In the beginning, everything looks sugarcoated, and once you put away the pink glasses, the reality will start kicking, and you'll see everything clearer.

Don't leave things as they are. Talk to him, ask questions, discuss your feelings and plans. Let your relationship grow into something more intimate and honest. Something real.

If he's not afraid of what the future will bring you, you'll both feel it.

In the end, besides reading the signs, don't forget to trust your gut. Your instinct is the best guide you'll have in your life. And often, it gives you the right answers right in time when you need them.

Trust yourself, and be careless. Let the good times roll, and everything will be good!