The Hottest Make Out Positions To Take Your Foreplay To A Whole New Level


Want to spice up your love life? Break the routine, and focus on foreplay. To be precise, take the foreplay to a whole new level with some new or improved make-out positions!

Never underestimate the power of foreplay. Ladies and gentlemen, most of you know what I'm talking about!

Skipping it or doing the same thing repeatedly will make your sex life boring and take the fun part out of the relationship. Trust me; I've been there.


The incredible intro can lead to the most passionate lovemaking. Foreplay can get you very excited if done right.

It's not something you should rush, simply because it's pure enough, yet intimate and playful.

So, how to improve your foreplay and take it to a whole new level? Try out some of the following positions and see what works for you and your partner.


Let's start with kisses because, as Cher said: "It's in his kiss," and you guys know that smooching is not just an intro. It's a whole dish!

Kissing techniques for a perfect makeout sesh

the hottest make out positions to take your foreplay to a whole new level

You don't need a unique atmosphere, though some music and candles won't hurt from time to time. However, what you know you need are kisses, plenty, and I am not talking just mouth to mouth.

It's not possible to have good foreplay without mixing it up with your kissing techniques. Obviously, you can't do all the following types of kisses at once, but you can mix things up as you move from one position to another.


For some of us, myself included, the deeper the kisses, the more relaxed we feel, and that only leads to longer-lasting orgasms!

1. Tongue wrestling

Kissing is everything, but there's something kinky, orgasmic when you know you are so close that you feel each other's heartbeats.

Let your tongues wrestle for as long as you can. Then place a gentle hickey on your partner's neck. And continue to soak up their fingers, arms, each part of the body.


It's a light and extremely wet game, which will get you into more intense foreplay.

2. The almost kiss

Perhaps the most romantic kisses are the ones that never happened.

Kissing your partner's face, from eyelids to chin, then going down to the neck, chest, is seductive. And by not giving them what they want, which is a truly erotic, deep kiss, you're only making things hotter.


You're teasing your person, and it feels good. Eventually, you have to give in, or one of you will orgasm right there and before anything happened.

3. Kiss on the neck

Take time to taste, smell, soak in the essence of his or her neck. Use your teeth gently as you glade over the bare skin.

It doesn't matter which make out position you're in since neck kisses are lovely from any side.


The essence of foreplay is in small gestures, such as paying attention to specific erogenous zones. The goal is to drive each other crazy in the best possible way!

4. Explore the ear area

Place your tongue gently into your partner's ear and watch them giggle with pleasure.

You can blow a kiss into their ear, use your hands while whispering your desires. Neck and ears get neglected during the sex act, but they are full of nerve endings, making them your make-out playgrounds.


Since these are delicate parts of the body, you have to show tenderness, as you gently roll your tongue, while the partner's making sexual and arousing sounds.

The next place to devote your attention to are the nipples, and from there you can go anywhere!

Make Out Positions Taking Foreplay To A Whole New Level

the hottest make out positions to take your foreplay to a whole new level

Explore each other's body, without removing the clothes, play with tongues. Kiss, see what makes them tick, and what tickles. Have a sexy laugh, and relax, that's the true meaning of excellent foreplay!

1. Get on top of things

It's natural and very sexy to climb into your partner's lap and take things in your hands.


Start by slowly kissing their face, then focus on the lips and tongue. Move your hips slowly, wrap your legs around them and grind, harder and faster.

Basically, you're having sex without the penetration, which will bring back some great memories.

The difference is that now you know what you're doing, and you're more than willing to take your time as you watch your partner sweat and beg for more.


Dry humping your partner is an underrated and powerful feeling, as it shows your passion, and how to be in charge.

2. Make out session while you're standing

There are two ways to approach the standing up foreplay technique, each hotter than the next.

First, you can surprise your partner and gently throw them to the wall. Get wild with your hands, let your tongue explore their mouth, and start going down.


It's fast, super sexy, and spontaneous. Who needs a bed when you can do it all against the wall?

The second wall technique is less about sex and more about genuine desire.

Stand up next to the wall and start staring at your partner. Look at them seductively. Let them notice that you're staring, and then, when they ask what's going on, whisper something sexy and sweet.

It can be anything, from "I want you to I love when you're cooking/watching TV," does it matter? You got their attention, and it's time to take things slowly, with lots of kisses and intense, almost possessive hugs.


You can turn around and start spooning while standing up. It's hot, and yet there's something strangely intimate about this sexy foreplay position.

3. Spooning

Let your partner explore your back while you're moaning and getting closer and closer to the crotch area.

Take their hand and place it onto your boobs, or chest, then let it slide. It's a perfect foreplay position for mornings, or when you're up for some foreplay, but you need to take things slowly.


As your partner kisses your neck, slowly turn to them and start kissing them but don't turn around completely just yet.

It's also an excellent position to tell your partner deep fantasies, as their hands and lips are all over your body.

Spooning is about connecting on a higher level than merely physical. Your body is an undiscovered land, and it's up to your loved one to find the hidden spots, which will make your head spin.


4. Give your man a lap dance

Confidence is sexy, so if you act like you know what you're doing, your partner will enjoy your version of a lap dance.

Swing your hips as you slowly and gently make your way across their body, but don't let them touch you.

Instead, make your partner want you more by suggestively placing your hands on the crotch while whispering sweet nothings into their ear.


Tongue action is always a necessity when it comes to hot foreplay positions. So, lick your lips, bite your partner's lips gently, and look them in the eye.

Even if you think you might not look like a pro, so what? You're having fun, and be sure that your partner's fantasy is coming to life!

5. Or striptease

Since you're already giving a lap dance, why not take your make-out session to the next level, by removing your clothes?


If you have any doubts, check out Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 weeks. It's not about what you do; it's about how much focus you put into taking off each piece of clothing.

If you don't want to be the only one who's naked, you can always start by taking clothes from your boyfriend/girlfriend.

The no touching rule applies until you get to that boiling point where the hottest foreplay turns into wild and intimate, passionate lovemaking.


And if you're a guy who wants to sex up his foreplay game, you can learn some moves from Magic Mike. Don't worry, every effort will be rewarded!

Foreplay positions to rock your world

the hottest make out positions to take your foreplay to a whole new level

The best way to fully enjoy each other is to use your whole body as you tenderly unbutton your partner.

Your chest touching, while your legs are climbing around their body, like a spider, their breath getting faster, it's all part of the best make-out session ever.

It's an essential position and open invitation for sex, but you can get more pleasure by letting them see you on full display.


As you lose your clothes, instead of getting busy, continue with the kissing, touching, licking, nibbling, whatever crosses your mind.

1. Know your weapons

Using all your senses will turn you on, and touching is a vital part of foreplay. So, let your fingers slide, from their chest to their private parts, then pull their hair gently, and tangle their fingers into yours.


Foreplay positions are not groundbreaking, but everything you do in-between makes a huge difference. Your weapons are lips, fingers, the way you move, and eye contact.

Staring at your partner's eyes and lips is nothing if not steamy as well as intimate. You're looking at their soul then you're staring at the object of their desire.

Slowly move your eyes to their private parts, but don't let anything happen just yet.


As you taste, smell, and touch them, getting to know every inch of their body, be bold, confident, and show just how much you want them.

However, take your time. The more you upgrade your foreplay game, the better sex will be. Besides, if you can make your partner climax without sex, it's a powerful ego boost and aphrodisiac.

2. The ultimate foreplay techniques to blow your mind

Now that you know that you need to include all your senses and that there's no need to hide your sexual desires, you should mix various and truly hot foreplay techniques to bring your partner on their knees.


Prolonging sex, while you're busy making out, will deepen your intimacy and give you more confidence for acrobatics in bed.

Be playful, put on some seductive tunes, and start from slow kisses on their neck, then move onto some dirty dancing, get into their lap, and have fun.

Again, yes, you can be a guy and still give your girlfriend or boyfriend a sweet, sexy and amusing lap dance!


Your partner won't know what hit them, and that's how it should be. By taking your foreplay to the next level, you're discovering more about your lover and yourself.

3. Best Foreplay Ideas Come Naturally

Let your imagination run wild as you lock lips, and allow yourself to go from passionate to more subtle and romantic kissing positions.


Rub and grab at their inner thighs, lick their chest, as you lay, completely aroused, and ready to be consumed.

From time to time, merely encourage your partner to open up about their fantasies. And don't let anything happen until every part of your body is explored and consumed.

Add food or toys to take things further. The hottest make out positions know no boundaries.

You can be kinky, cute, romantic, all at the same time. And that makes make out sessions irreplaceable when it comes to having a healthy sex life.


The goal is to improve your sex life, and as you know, sex can lower your blood pressure, release stress, and raise your happiness hormones!

Just kidding, the ultimate goal is to have the time of your life, and the rest is the icing on a truly hot cake!

Partners who want to skip foreplay

the hottest make out positions to take your foreplay to a whole new level

Is your man against profuse, and passionate foreplay? Is sex the only thing on his mind?

Perhaps he thinks he's not the type who enjoys long walks and even longer make-out sessions. What does he know?

Before you start acting crazy, and demanding some attention, like a lost puppy, try out some tips and tricks to get him into the mood.

Some men, as well as a much smaller portion of women, aren't into foreplay! It up to you to try to prolong sex until he or she realizes just how important this whole making-out deal is!


1. Talk it out

"Honey, do you know what I really love? The way you place your lips while you're slowly taking off my shirt." Talk is cheap, but it's the first step into getting your partner into better, hotter, and longer foreplay.

There's a large portion of men who think that foreplay is not manly enough. Well, eff them! No, not literally, instead you can try to talk it out first.


Tell your person that you love their seemingly innocent touching and gentle tickling all over your body.

It's important to explain to your boyfriend (or girlfriend) that you love your foreplay and that it is healthy for your relationship.

2. Get dirty

Well, not really, but make your (wo)man a bath. Give them a massage, light up the candles, and play their favorite tunes.


As they are soaking, and clearly enjoying themselves, start kissing them gently, while being all sexy, like a playful kitten.

Your lover might ask what did they do to deserve this, or what's up with you, and there you have it: it's not time to let your person know that you just want to improve your sex by trying out new ways of seducing.

3. Drop the panties

Make a surprise visit to the office or when you're out for drinks. Start flirting, and whisper that you forgot your underwear.


Get into the role of a ditzy and sex-crazed girlfriend (or boyfriend), who wants to have some fun.

Take their hand, and show them that you're really not wearing any underwear. Their brain will have sex on its mind, but you're not going anywhere.

Tell them that you enjoy that you're sharing secrets and that it's all part of a game.

Most adults like adventures and a bit of a chase. Sometimes, it can be as easy as losing your underwear.


4. Mix up your make-out routine

Tease them in public places, drive them mad, until your lover realizes that the connection goes beyond the bare minimum.

Foreplay is essential because it provides insight into your kinky, mischievous mind, and what makes make out sessions irreplaceable is that you are getting the whole dish, not just the dessert!


It's never easy being the one who has to explain everything to their partner, but at least this task involves kisses, hugs, biting, scratching, you get the idea.

The hottest foreplay is like art: you can't rush it, and you have to follow your gut, without overthinking, your partner will follow, that's for sure!

If everything else fails, tie your guy up, tease them, and use your fingers, tongue, toys, and foods, but do not give in to sex. Not until your lover learns to appreciate the power of a hot and steamy make-out sesh.


Why is Foreplay Important For a Relationship

the hottest make out positions to take your foreplay to a whole new level

The most intense foreplay is more than a physical experience. It's an emotional, intimate connection, which may or may not end up with actual sex.

You know the feeling: you're gazing, while it feels as if your tongue and lips are doing their thing. It seems you have little or no control, as you and your lover melt into each other.

You can't have sex without at least some form of foreplay. Yet, you can have a make-out session that doesn't have to result in actual intercourse. Conclusion: foreplay trumps sex.


Foreplay comes with health benefits, but more than anything, it's a way to connect, to lose yourself in a partner, while you're not chasing an orgasm.

Also, if you want to spice up your sex life, you don't have to do anything crazy.

First, try some foreplay positions, which will make you more relaxed and more open to expressing your fantasies.

The great news is that foreplay produces several hormones for happiness, so it's safe to say that making out is a healthy activity.


Yet, some men like to skip it and go to penetration asap. It's up to us, more sensitive ones, to explain that foreplay is a mental stimulant and produces natural lubricants.

It's a win-win situation, and it can feel just as good, if not better than the main event.

From toe sucking to going down on them, the hottest foreplay will awaken lust and passion and make you feel more desirable and wanted.


According to research, building up to intercourse can lead to longer sex and better orgasms, even during solo sex, so that's another plus.

To summarize, you need foreplay to:

Produce more serotonin and other feel-good hormones

Deepen your connection

It's a natural lubricant


Maximize sexual pleasure

Relax and enjoy your relationship profoundly

Connect mentally and physically

Share your fantasies without shame or guilt

So, if your boyfriend/girlfriend is still having issues with the whole foreplay thing, explain that even science acknowledges it.


Besides, imagine being in a long-term relationship and always doing the same thing and only in your bed. It's kind of like Groundhog Day. Talk about killing your sex drive...

When's the right time to move from foreplay to sex

the hottest make out positions to take your foreplay to a whole new level

How long does a make-out sesh last? Well, forever, if you ask me!

In real life, it can be a large portion of your relationship, no matter how near or far you are.

Take sexting, for example, it's not intercourse, but it makes you feel more relaxed and horny.

It can be extremely intense, and you don't have to be in the same room! Even when you're together, you still don't have to take off your clothes.


So, really, the sex thing can wait, because foreplay leaves a lot of space to explore, get to know each other, and enjoy the closeness.

There's no time frame, so when you're ready for the good old-fashioned penetration, you'll feel it. The more time you spend simply making, the more in sync, you two will become.

Let's see what else is there to explore to make your foreplay the main event or at the very least to break your sex routine:


1. Sexting

Sexting is the obvious choice. Let your partner know what you're wearing, how you feel, and get into some steamy online romance if you're up for it. Don't know what to say? I have you covered:

Start with "Want to guess the color of my bra?" or "I need to know what panties are you wearing." Then move into saying: "I wish you were here."


Now it's time to be playful: "How I crave for your ..." or "I love it when you're inside me/ I love when I'm inside you."

Continue by mentioning where you want to kiss them, say how you need to pull that hair, basically list their body parts, and what you want to do to them.

There are some fantastic sexting ideas: Hot And Seductive: Tips For Sexting Messages.


2. Roleplaying

You can't fake a romance, but you can get away into the beautiful world of fantasies.

You are a perfect lady who always wanted to have sex with a stranger? Why not pretend that you never met your partner?

You're a guy who has a thing for nurses? Great, ask your partner to get a uniform and start playing!


Before you have the actual sex, focus on the moves, words, everything that stimulates your mind, and your intimate parts.

3. Dinner Date

Unless you're talking about something important, each dinner date can be the hottest foreplay in your relationship.

You're in public, and you're sharing a desire for each other.

Be vocal about it; let your partner know that you want them.


Eat like you're kissing them, and continue your little pre-sex game for as long as you can stand.

Still want more? Then it's time for some deeply intimate and Flirty Questions To Ask On Your Date!

4. Notes

Leaving your partner cute, sexy notes is romantic, as well as hot.


You can put notes in their pockets, and they don't have to be groundbreaking.

Don't know what to write? Here are some examples, which are almost as hot as to make out session.

Start with simple notes like "I miss you" because the hottest foreplay is a mixture of sensuality, emotions, and physical attraction.

Then, complement your partner in your next naughty little note, and now it's time to bring our big guns.


Write down your favorite part of their body, or what you like the most when you're making out.

If you need more inspiration or are still insecure, please check our Dirty Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend. Or, for guys, here are some examples of dirty talk, which will improve your relationship.


From yours truly, there's more in Dirty Questions To Ask Your Friends, Lovers, And Crushes. You can use these in texts or live; some questions are truly going to make your foreplay take a new and improved form!

Give each day something exciting, even if it's just a note or a suggestive text, and you will soon see the positive changes in your relationship, not merely your sex life.


Foreplay in real-life VS foreplay on TV

the hottest make out positions to take your foreplay to a whole new level

As usual, movies tend to mess up our love and sex lives. However, they can give us some ideas that will help spice up our sex lives.

While borrowing ideas for dates and stealing moves is fine, trying to recreate a passionate make-out sesh isn't going to work.

So, what are the main differences, and which scenes can inspire us? Let's find out now, so you can have your most passionate foreplay ever!


1.Foreplay in movies

Just like sex, make-out sessions on the telly are flawless. There are no awkward moments, and the couples are perfectly in sync.

Unlike in real life, these scenes are polished, clean, and even the clumsy bits are adorable.

Needless to say, you should never try to achieve that level of perfection, because it's not real. Although, some can be used to awaken your sexual appetite.


Among most iconic makout sessions on TV and in movies are:

Chuck, Blair and the limo from Gossip Girl

The kissing scene from Velvet Goldmine

The pottery scene in Ghost

A handprint on a steamy window in Titanic

The kiss in the rain in The Notebook


PLL's Emily and Allison reunion in Em's bed

The same movies and TV shows are also great for date nights at home, and you might also use them for some role playing.

2. Foreplay in reality is much more

The biggest lie in the hottest movie scenes is that foreplay always leads to sex.


In reality, it can be a side dish, as well as the main event.

Your hair will look like a mess, and you have to deal with lots of sloppy kisses, but that's what makes you feel alive.

You will bite your partner harder than expected. Your teeth will collide, and you will have to take bathroom breaks.

Yet, here's the thing: what you see on TV is a product of someone else's imagination. Your hottest foreplay and everything it brings to the table, they are your creation.


More than that, it brings you closer to your person, their smell, their breath.

Your cat won't magically disappear, like in 9 1/2 weeks, and let's face it: your partner might try to pick you up, but it's not as easy as in Dirty Dancing. So what?

The hottest foreplay, the most sensual make-out sessions, will bring you closer to the person you're building a relationship with. The more you learn about each other, the more you'll be able to step outside your comfort zones.


To summarize: sex is great, but remember to take things to the next level, try out new foreplay positions and invest more time in make-out sessions!

Foreplay: a place where sex and intimacy meet!