The Happiest Couples Are Made Of Short Women And Tall Men, Shows Study

The Happiest Couples Are Made Of Short Women And Tall Men, Shows Study

We all have preferences regarding the kind of partners we want, and I or anyone else is in no position to fault you over your choices. But it might intrigue you to know that a new study has just discovered that preferring taller guys could spell more happiness for you.

Here's everything you need to know.

1. Tall Guys And Short Women Make Happy Couples

The study was published in the journal, "Personality and Individual Differences" by Kitae Sohn. It has long been understood that women like taller guys, and there are solid evolutionary reasons for that.


But beyond that, happiness levels in relationships are higher when a couple has a tall guy in it.

2. Height Is No Excuse For Bad Behavior

Tall men must be feeling pretty good about themselves now that their genetics predispose them to happier relationships. There's nothing wrong with enjoying that perk, but it does not give them an excuse to behave badly in relationships.


The study was even able to determine that when the guy stopped making an effort and generally stopped being a decent human being, the benefits of height were completely erased.

And also, as time goes by, the benefits of height difference went decreasing until they no longer existed. That is probably after the psychological benefits of having a taller partner wore out for the woman.

3. Wives Of Taller Guys Are Much Happier

The data was collected from Indonesia, and it showed that the greater the height difference between the couples, the greater the wife's level of happiness.


However, this difference in happiness levels went down with time and was completely unnoticeable after 18 years of marriage.

But all in all, how resourceful the husband was did not have such a huge impact on the relationship, as many tend to think.

4. Tall Men Have More To Offer Besides Height

Studies have proven that women fall for tall men because this makes them look stronger and have better leadership skills. Apparently, these two qualities are a real turn on.


But that's not all tall men can offer. They have other qualities as well that are pretty desirable in a potential mate. And it's important to take them into consideration as a woman choosing her partner.

Otherwise, a tall man's benefits regarding height would be insignificant in the presence of other negative qualities.

5. Any Relationship Can Be Happy

This is to all the women out there: if you are dating a tall guy and are happy, good for you.


But if you are dating a shorter guy, it does not mean you cannot be happy in your relationship. What really matters is that you have the right person for you, regardless of how they are packaged.

Relationships go beyond physical attraction, and height or any other physical attribute is no proof of chemistry or future happiness. But it's fun when the prospects of having a happy relationship are confirmed by a partner's physical traits, don't you think?


Many women openly admit that finding a tall guy is one of the things they desire as they get into relationships. This study proves that these ladies might be on to something because apparently, marrying a taller guy increases your chances of having a happy relationship.