The "Gray Rock Method", A Must-Have Method When Co-Parenting With A Narcissist

The “gray Rock Method”, A Must-have Method When Co-parenting With A Narcissist

It would be a perfect thing to have nothing to do with a narcissist. Nonetheless, if you have a child with them, that would be nonviable. It may seem you are trapped with them for the rest of your life, but there are ways to overcome the perils of dealing with a narcissist.

The Gray Rock Method

If you need to deal with a narcissist in your life because you are a parent with them, you can do so with minimal risk. Using the "Gray Rock Method" makes this possible. You will need to keep only the communication that is necessary and important. Your interaction will be purely business about the welfare of the child.

Co-parenting along with a narcissist using the "Gray Rock Method" is your safest choice to protect yourself from being his victim of manipulation. This co-parenting method is simple. You only need to set strong and clear boundaries. You will need to keep your opinions to yourself. Furthermore, you will appear ordinary and boring as a gray rock.

Why Adopt The Gray Rock Method

Narcissists thrive on your helplessness and drama. They bask in conflict and your sense of being out of control. To avoid any of their attention, you will simply present nothing "worth" their time and attention. They feed on your energy and whatever good you have going on in your life. They want to destroy.

Conceal or keep the details of your life to yourself and share only with those who truly care about you. Simply put, your conversations should revolve only around the important details of how to make better your child's life at home, in school, and in the community.

The Gray Rock Method Could Be A Little Challenging

The "Gray Rock Method" could pose some challenges because, in the beginning, the narcissist might have been used to being the center of attention and strongly declares or imposes their wants and opinions about your child. They might question your parenting style and they will always want to have the last word on anything.

Whatever you do, do not pay attention to anything they say. Narcissists feel the need to destroy and create chaos. They want you to feel powerless and helpless. They disagree with anything you might say or do because they need to dominate you in every way. They are only biding their time to see you fail and look ridiculous in front of the children.

Stay Focused On The Children

It should be emphasized that you are dealing with someone manipulative and out to blind-side you. A narcissist has no sense of respect and respects no boundaries. You need to be firm on your beliefs and with the "Gray Rock Method".

Remember, everything you say or do the narcissist will turn against you. Once you set up those boundaries and defend them, they will get upset and angry. But that is not your problem anymore. Stay focused on parenting and showing your children a good example by being a loving and good parent.