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The Global Elite Are Now On Wanted Posters In Switzerland

The Global Elite Are Now On Wanted Posters In Switzerland

Some of the most popular and powerful names in the world today were put on Wanted posters in Switzerland for "Crimes Against Humanity." The creators of the posters would like those pictured to be arrested for what they have done.

Some of the names on the list are Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Rudolf Hauri, Lukas Engelberger, Giorgio Meriani, Christiane Meir, Alain Berset, Nathalie Rickli, Anthony Fauci, and Silvia Steiner.

Most people might be wondering why these particular individuals were selected, considering that the world has a lot of influential people who were not on the posters.

The people on the list are COVID and WEF (World Economic Forum) figureheads. There is a lot of anger throughout Europe over their handling of various global affairs.

The Davos summit has been taking place in Switzerland every year, and in all likelihood, there's nothing the government will do about the "wanted" individuals. These people are believed to have committed a lot of injustices against the masses in recent times.

Switzerland has also been protesting, and the wanted posters reflect their feelings toward these influential individuals.

Many believe these people are out to violate our privacy, introduce climate lockdowns, make sure the public owns nothing, and generally have total control over our lives.

World Economic Forum has been accused of bringing about economic, social, and environmental problems. Not surprisingly, the protests are aimed at "smashing WEF."

Generally, anti-capitalist protests have been on the rise.

In particular, Switzerland is seen as a place where the most powerful people in the world can meet to share views without anyone getting in the way. The protests were meant to disturb this peace and undermine the capitalist system they are trying to force on everyone.

There was a petition to have Bill Gates investigated for "medical malpractice" and "crimes against humanity." The petition has already gotten more than 680k signatures from citizens, which is about six times more than the number of signatures necessary to get a response from the White House.

The petition demanded an investigation into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and it was created in April 2020. However, the government is yet to offer its response even though the petition required a reaction from the White House.

Former nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has also been critical of the tech billionaire, accusing him of having an "obsession with vaccines," which is "fuelled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology."

Robert has also said that Gates has a "god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans."