The Girl Who 'Can't Stand People' Loves Harder Than Most But Won't Tolerate BS

The Girl Who ‘can’t Stand People’ Loves Harder Than Most But Won’t Tolerate Bs

Happiness is a choice, and sometimes, it takes some effort to be happy. So, you can imagine what life is like for people who are unhappy and hateful towards others.

But it's not that these people are evil, they just don't enjoy attention like everyone else seems to do. They can fall in love, but they are not easily deceived. They might be bitter, yes. But aren't some of the best drinks in the world bitter as well?


So, how does a girl who hates the world love?

Don't Butter Her Up

She does not like being buttered up. So, that will never work. She can see BS from a mile off and will quickly do away with you when you show any signs that you are just a waste of time. She has higher standards than mere flattery can attain.

She Doesn't Love Fights

Although she hates, it does not mean she likes to fight. So, she is not seeking a duel. When she is involved with you, she wants it to work out. Her hate comes from a desire for nothing but true love, not negativity.


She Hates Jokes

She can see many people are just a joke, and their lives are based on nonsense. However, she does not insist on falling for someone who hates people. But at the very least, you should share her view on such matters.

She Is Cautious

This girl is always suspicious, and it's because of what she has been through in the past. But don't think that's a bad thing. She is just cautious and careful.


She Is Real

Despite the fact that she might seem evil to some people, she is actually a gem. There are many fake people in the world, and she is not among them. She has emotions like everyone else, and she never hides them. The only difference is that affection is not her main emotion. She can love and care, but she does not have to be emotional about it. After all, true love goes well beyond that.


She Has Expectations

She has low expectations about people, and that betters her chances of success. But when you cannot meet these expectations, then she will most likely hate you.

She Can Be Intensely Passionate

There is a fire in her, and it's not just about hate. This fire can be used to express her passionate love. Therefore, she can get intense when she loves, but in a good way. Although she might hate on everyone, she loves intensely. She is more passionate than most people could ever be.


There's Not Always A Reason For Her Hate

The reason she seems to hate everyone might not exist, but sometimes, it does. But if you discover something made her the way she is, don't try to unveil it unless she wants to. Just love her, and if she loves you, then that's that. Just because you can't figure out her mystery, it does not mean it will never work. Similarly, even if you understood her inside and out, that does not mean it will work out.


She Hates Games But Can Play Them Brilliantly

Avoid picking meaningless fights with her or making something out of nothing. The reason she seems to hate is that she knows people and their games, and she knows how to play them as well if you show her that's what you want.

She Hates Wasted Potential

She sees the wasted potential in people, which is part of the reason she seems to hate on them. The fact that people put up with less than they are worth really gets to her. There is no emotion for what she feels but hate.


She Will Fight To The End

When you get into an argument, she will not just let you have your way with her. She is well aware of how people fight, and she will not let herself be the victim. She understands everything, and she will put up a fight.

She Values Her Time

She does not like wasting her time since many people spend their time on things that don't matter. This does not make her a drama queen. But it's partly the reason she cannot stand people.


She Knows People Can Be Cruel

She knows how ruthless people can be. She has been attacked in the past although that does not mean the attackers succeeded. After that, hatred became her strong point because she will just not give in to some people.

She's Picky

This girl is very picky, and when she loves, it's serious. She chooses wisely, and if she has decided it's you, then you have something truly unique to offer her. Therefore, make sure you don't mess anything up.


She Is Energetic

She is full of energy, even though most people might see her differently. This girl might project this energy differently, but it's definitely deep within her. She will also not show it to anyone, but to those she loves, this spark will be very clear.