The Former Grand Prix Super Series

Before the ATP Tour was established as the main series of male tennis competitions, there were many competing tours that were played in parallel. Find kabaddi live scores and latest matches at 1xBet now, which also has a fully-fledged tennis section.

During the 1970s and the 1980s, two of those tours were the Grand Prix and the World Championship Tennis. Between 1970 and 1989, both tours joined forces in order to establish a brand new series of tournaments called the Grand Prix Super Series. You can find live scores and all the latest matches for kabaddi, tennis, and multiple other sports at 1xBet.

Different Names

Curiously, the Grand Prix Super Series changed their name multiple times before finally settling on this name, which was adopted in 1978. There are plenty of fantastic tennis competitions played throughout the year, and wager on them plus kabaddi bet online is available at 1xBet. These names that the competition took between the years 1970 and 1977 were:

- Group 1;

- Group B;

- Group A;

- Group AA;

- 5 Star;

- and 6 Star.

The Super Series were seen as the most important tournaments of the discipline behind the Grand Slams. Also, in order to be eligible for taking part in those competitions, it was necessary to gather a minimum amount of points during the year. You can make online kabaddi bets at 1xBet too, which is a perfect supplement for the incredible tennis opportunities available there.

These competitions were played all over the world. The most successful player in the Super Series was Ivan Lendl, who won a total of 29 titles of this kind. He was followed by John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors, with 26 and 23 titles respectively.

Evolving Into A Modern Competition

In 1990, all the competing parallel tours of men's tennis eventually converged into the ATP Tour. This also meant that the Grand Prix Super Series tournaments needed to adapt to the new reality. Eventually, these competitions were absorbed by the ATP, keeping the same formula of being the most important tournaments behind the Grand Slams. If you want to wager on the Grand Slams and other tournaments you can visit the webpage now.

The Super Series were transformed into the ATP Tour Masters 1000. Even to this day, they continue to be some of the most important competitions that professional tennis players can compete at. Obviously, these competitions also provide excellent wagering opportunities, and the online betting platform 1xBet is the best place to take advantage of them.