The Florida Squallies: Do These Pig People Really Live In Florida?

Local legends state that a group known as the "Squallies" reside on the eastern edge of the Everglades in Naples, Florida. These creatures are rumored to be short, human-like beings with pig-like snouts.

The Golden Gate Estates, a secluded community located in the heart of the Florida Everglades, is a well-kept secret. The Rosen family, dating back to the 1960s, used this property as a land scheme to generate profit. Some areas of the land remained untouched and unbuilt for miles.

A portion of this land, referred to as Alligator Alley, was acquired by the state of Florida with the intention of restoring it to its natural state. This region is relatively untamed and is inhabited by a diverse array of animals such as bears, bobcats, deer, hogs, panthers, and other wildlife.

According to local legends, this idyllic land also houses other inhabitants known as the Squallies. They are described as short, human-like creatures with pig-like snouts. If you have seen the 1980 film "The Private Eyes" featuring Don Knotts and Tim Conway, you may recognize these beings as resembling the worgler monster, but on a smaller scale.

Due to their small size, these Squally creatures were often referred to as children. It is believed that at one point there was a population of 30-50 adult Squallies. Some speculate that a small number of them may still reside in this area and other parts of Florida.

The origin of the Squallies is thought to be a government experiment gone wrong, resulting in their mutation into pig-like creatures. Some stories suggest an abandoned laboratory near DeSoto Boulevard and Oil Well Road as the source. Others believe they originated from inbreeding, resulting in disfiguring diseases.

Another aspect of the legend is the existence of a place called the Naithlorendum Sanctuary. It is said that anyone who passed by would be shot by a mad old man, who may have been a scientist or a security guard, but that is unclear.

An atmosphere of fear and paranoia permeated this area as residents feared for their safety and that of others. The Squallies were believed to capture and devour anyone who ventured too close. A number of mysterious incidents involving the Squallies have been reported since the 1960s, but most lack concrete evidence.

Is this just a tale? It's possible. However, on June 14th, 2011, Florida police recorded a report of a man who crashed his motorcycle after seeing a "boogeyman" appear in front of him.

The Florida Highway Patrol later stated that the man, Mr. James Scarborough, age 49 from Golden Gate Estates, sustained minor injuries from the accident. He also reported being held down by a pig-like man after the crash. Essentially, the Squallies are said to be feral humanoids roaming freely.

The legend of the Florida Squallies is similar to that of the Pig Man of Cannock Chase in the UK. There are many similar stories of strange feral beings worldwide, but that does not make them any less intriguing.