The First Trailer For Matt Reeves' The Batman Has Been Revealed

The First Trailer For Matt Reeves’ The Batman Has Been Revealed

On 22 August, the long-awaited trailer of the upcoming 'The Batman' film was revealed at the DC FanDome event.

The event is a lot like Comic-Con but instead dedicated to fans of DC Comics and showcases new releases for comics and films based on DC characters.

Characters like Wonder Women, Superman, Aquaman, The Justice League, Suicide Squad, and, of course, Batman.

The first day of the event finished after 24 hours of action-packed excitement on 22 August. The second part is due 12 September, where more trailers will thrill fans.


Batman Stole The Show

the first trailer for matt reeves' the batman has been revealed

At the recent event that made history the largest gathering of talent and announcements in DC's history, 'The Batman' naturally stole all the attention.

The latest hype concerned with the upcoming Batman reboot is not unfounded. Unfortunately, due to the recent unforeseen world event, the production of the film stalled indefinitely.

Fans had to wait longer to see Robert Pattinson portray the iconic superhero. The film credits include more than just Pattinson. Names such as Zoe Kravits and Colin Farrel also make an appearance.


But the most anticipation surrounds Robert's ability to portray Bruce Wayne. Some believe it may be a mistake to cast him as the melancholic billionaire, but Pattinson proved his worth as an actor in recent times.

However, only time will tell if the film is a success.


Behind The Production

Matt Reeves directs the film, following in the footsteps of predecessors, which includes Zack Snyder, iconized for bringing 'The Justice League' to life, Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton.

Matt is celebrated for the success behind the latest 'Planet of The Apes' films and 'Cloverfield.' He takes control of a star-studded cast and an estimated budget of $180 million to bring the earlier adventures of the caped crusader to life.


Filming credits include Zoe Kravits starring as Selina Kyle, aka Catwomen, Colin Farrel as Oswald Cobblepot or rather Penguin, and Paul Dano as The Riddler.

Initially, Ben Affleck would have been in the director's seat and assist the writing of the script.

But as it appears now, Reeves has taken full control of the filming. He is undisputedly a good director and is certain to add a flavor to the film to surprise many fans.


At the recent DC FanDome, he already revealed a few surprises.

What To Expect

The trailer revealed that the film focuses more on younger Bruce Wayne than any recent remakes before.

This is the reason why Robert replaced Ben as Batman. The film also orientates around Batman's skills as the world's best detective.


The trailer displayed some of the brutal unarmed combat abilities the caped crusader possesses.

As for the storyline, things right now seem uncertain.

While the trailer did not reveal any specific story, it is a certain fact that the story will follow Batman as he comes to face the threats of at least two villains.

There could be a third, depending on how the audience perceives Catwoman.


For now, viewers can expect it will involve The Riddler and Penguin. Robert revealed that the film and his character have plenty of leeways, and quite frankly, anything can happen.

Co-writer, Mattson Tomlin, revealed to Den of Geek that the story focuses on a younger version of Bruce. Mattson added that it would involve the trauma for which Batman grew famous.

The rest of the film, as it unfolds, will show the character's reaction to this traumatic event.


Despite trying to keep things as secretive as possible, Pattinson also reveals that the film this time around will explore something mysterious.

This mystery about the comics is something that previous films neglected to address.

Only by the time the film premieres will this mystery be revealed.

The release date has been moved a couple of times, with the first date predicted in June 2021, but now the film can be expected in October. Until then, the anticipation keeps growing.