The First 10 Things Guys Notice About You, According To A Guy

As males, we tend to be visually oriented individuals and find pleasure in admiring our surroundings, particularly the beauty of women. Therefore, if you aim to grasp our interest, prioritize the following aspects, as they are the primary factors we tend to observe.

1. Your Eyes

If we appear nervous or hesitant when attempting to establish eye contact with you, it could signify our strong fondness towards you. In all honesty, eyes hold a more captivating allure than any other physical aspect for several reasons. Maintaining eye contact during a conversation is considered respectful, and it's socially acceptable for men to compliment this feature without repercussion. Moreover, one can easily convey their thoughts and emotions solely through their eyes; a sleepy or flirty gaze may indicate interest, while a wink could signify intense attraction. Conversely, a disgusted or averted look may signify a desire to discontinue the interaction. Truly, the eyes are said to reflect the essence of an individual's character.

2. Your Style

The distinction between your clothing and your physical features lies in the fact that your wardrobe serves as a tangible manifestation of your character, enabling you to communicate your identity to the world without uttering a single word. In essence, your fashion choices reveal more about you as an individual than your facial appearance ever could. This is precisely why we find it appealing when you boldly express your true self through your clothing and accessories.

3. Your Body Type

Males are frequently criticized for being shallow due to our apparent fixation on physical appearances. However, the concept of physical attraction is as ancient as the act of procreation, and we are only human. It is natural for us to be drawn to particular physical traits, but the good news is that our preferences are diverse, and there is a figure for everyone. It is also essential to recognize that a mere ten minutes of engaging conversation can nearly offset any physical aspect, and most of us do not anticipate or require perfection anyway.

4. Your Boobs

Continuing the discussion on physical attributes, it's no secret that men adore breasts, although we aren't as fixated on them as commonly perceived. Admittedly, if a woman's cleavage is in our direct line of sight, we may steal a quick glance, but it's not a top priority for most of us. Additionally, some men are more attracted to other body parts, such as the buttocks, legs, or various other features. Summer, in particular, is an enjoyable season for all.

5. Your Hair

One's hair serves as the nexus between their innate biological traits and their adaptable sense of style. It's an area where you can showcase your personality by experimenting with various lengths, shapes, and colors. Believe me when I say that investing in a quality haircut is well worth the expense, and we would be delighted to compensate for the cost by treating you to drinks throughout the night.

6. Your Mouth

The mouth is an incredible aspect of an individual! Not only does it enable us to consume nourishment to survive, but it's also vital for effective communication. And let's not forget, it comes in handy when we yearn to kiss you passionately. Moreover, there's the smile - a critical aspect because a sincere grin implies that we're succeeding and motivates us to continue striving, regardless of the circumstances. Smiles are also contagious; when you beam, we beam, and ultimately, our charming exchange elicits smiles from the entire world.

7. Your Conversational Skills

Thanks to the gift of gab, it doesn't require much time to evaluate someone's social adeptness and determine whether investing our time in them is worthwhile. The chosen topic of conversation serves as a significant indicator of your interests and intelligence. However, our shared sense of humor is even more critical. If we're both chuckling, it lays the groundwork for some fantastic future interactions. Conversely, if you fail to find our jokes amusing, regardless of how silly they may be, don't be shocked if our egos are a little bruised, and we choose to walk away.

8. Your Voice

We adore the sound of most women's voices, but some voices leave us weak in the knees. If you possess a particularly alluring voice (such as one that's husky and throaty or involuntarily hushed and seductive), we're powerless to resist. Conversely, individuals with naturally strident and grating voices don't do themselves any favors and would benefit from toning it down a notch. Similar to women, we also find accents incredibly attractive. So, if you possess one, it's an added bonus.

9. Obvious Physical Fakery

It's easy to believe that you can conceal your least favorite features by applying layers of foundation and eyeliner, shaping your face like a work of art and covering up with fake tan. But if you end up looking like an expressionless mannequin, then nobody is winning. Don't be misled by magazines and their unrealistic beauty standards. Be proud of your natural beauty! We want to wake up next to the same person we went to bed with, after all.

10. Your Squad

The old saying "birds of a feather flock together" rings true. You may be a pleasant person, but we just witnessed your friend attacking the doorman with her shoe, and we don't want that kind of drama in our lives at the moment. It's not about you, it's about them. We apologize.