The Final Goodbye – What Happens After You Leave Your Narcissistic Partner

The Final Goodbye – What Happens After You Leave Your Narcissistic Partner

It's exhausting and stressful being in a romantic relationship with a narcissist. And breaking up with a narcissist will be extremely hard because they will create absolute mayhem when they leave you.

It's not so simple to detect a narcissist in the early stages of your relationship. You'll only know their characters when it's too late. In the beginning, a narcissist will seem engaging, charming, and charismatic, making them difficult to resist. But as your relationship matures, they'll change and leave you physically and emotionally broken, drained, and lonely.

Additionally, letting go of a narcissist will not be easy. It will take a lot of effort and time for your heart to heal.

A narcissist will destroy your self-worth and self-esteem. You'll feel completely lost. Sometimes you might even feel as if you're sleepwalking and you don't know how to wake up. You'll feel a loss of your dignity and almost lose hope in life in general.

A narcissist will leave you in a state that will make it hard for you to open up your heart to someone else. Finding joy in smiling or being around people will have become difficult because you're used to being anxious and sad all the time when you were in the toxic relationship.

You'll become defensive when someone tries to pursue you. You'll even avoid talking to people because you don't feel like speaking about your failed relationship, you feel it's your fault it failed. You'll find it hard to keep your mind busy to keep thoughts of your ex at bay

Also, dating a narcissist will make you less trusting and you will find it hard to see the good in people. You'll keep wondering why people are so mean, rude, and disgusting. How someone can inflict unnecessary pain on somebody else on purpose is hard to figure out.

The recovery process from a narcissist relationship will be like a nightmare. People will misunderstand you and wonder why it's taking you so long to recover. People don't realize the debt of the damage done by a narcissist. Remain strong and don't listen to their opinions. Only stay with the person who loves you, and the ones who support you in your healing process.

Stay close to people who give you constant reassurance of things getting better. Persons who calm your overthinking and overanalyzing mind. You need someone to keep reminding you that it was a wise decision you left that toxic relationship. That you deserve a better person, and you'll find true love again.

Since you were used to apologizing for everything, you'll find yourself continuing to apologize for every little thing. A narcissist partner abused you, and therefore it takes a long to remove yourself from the guilty mentality.

You'll start hiding feelings from people you're attracted to. Because the time you opened up to someone, your feelings almost destroyed you. You'll still believe that the more you show a person how important they're to you, the more they'll treat you less than you deserve. You'll be afraid of getting hurt again.

You need someone who understands you. A person who'll help you heal by giving you hope, love, and support. You need somebody good at heart. A compassionate and loving partner.

You also need somebody who can help you become a better person in life. Someone who'll show you that people are different and you can meet a good partner because you're lovable, good, kind, and deserving love.