The Female Led Relationship: Benefits, Types, And Rules

The Female Led Relationship: Benefits, Types, And Rules

Times change, people change, and paradigms shift; which is why you might have heard about the female-led relationship by now. Since prehistoric times, our society has made us believe men should be in charge of relationships.

But as it turns out, that was all about ego and had nothing to do with the realities of how relationships operate.

Women can lead relationships just as well as guys, and many of them are doing an exemplary job.

Throughout history, many women of power have made amazing leaders. The likes of Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, and Margaret Thatcher could not just run kingdoms - these powerful women could also run families.

Obviously, not all men will welcome this monumental change to the way personal relationships operate.

But some men are ready to take the chance and allow women to run a relationship. For those who know better, this is actually very advantageous.

In any case, it's not like the woman has to run every aspect of the relationship. She could take charge in the bedroom, or some other aspects of the relationship as the two partners deem fit.

What Is A Female Led Relationship?

Generally, a female led relationship needs to have the woman taking a dominant role in the relationship.

In other words, the woman is the main decision-maker in this relationship. The man takes the more submissive role, and the woman has to take the greatest responsibilities.

Believe it or not, some women don't fear putting themselves in the front line for the sake of the family, as long as they enjoy the perks of calling the shots.

Even more interesting is the fact that there are plenty of men who will take a back seat in their relationships as the ladies run them.

It's important to understand this dynamic to eliminate the odds of these couples getting into fights over who runs what.

Signs that the man is submissive include his taking on roles such as cleaning, cooking, and caring for the kids. However, that does not define all female-led relationships.

Some of these relationships have no defined gender roles, although the woman may play a central role in all aspects of the relationship.

Rules Of Female Led Relationships

For this kind of relationship to run smoothly, a few rules have to be respected. They include the following.

1. The man has to agree to do chores like cooking and cleaning if the distribution of household work brings about such a requirement.

2. The woman makes decisions regarding social events and gatherings.

3. Most household decisions are made by the woman, but the man can share his opinion before the final decision is made.

4. With her authority, the woman can help the man get rid of bad habits like smoking and alcoholism.

5. Key financial decisions are made by the woman, and the man has to trust her to make the right call in such matters.

There's A Difference Between Female Led Relationships And Feminism

People who equate female-led relationships with feminism are wrong. There's a world of difference between these relationships.

In a female-led relationship, the woman does not seek to take the roles of the man and challenge long-standing gender stereotypes. Yes, she is the dominant partner in the household, but that does not mean she has an agenda to always overrule her man.

She does not push her femininity aside to make her dominance felt. If anything, she grows her femininity, and will gladly let her man play a masculine role when necessary.

Why Would Women Want A Female Led Relationship?

Considering that many women get into relationships expecting the man to take care of them and their futures, it's hard to imagine that a woman would get into this kind of arrangement.

As we know very well, many women who can handle all their responsibilities often find the role of a man in their lives quite irrelevant.

So, why would a woman be in favor of a female led relationship? What are the upsides?

Benefits Of Female Led Relationships

1. No Tension

The first benefit partners get from these relationships is a lack of tension. In such relationships, the men accept that the woman can lead, and they are fine taking a supportive role.

Without a power struggle, the relationships are more peaceful.

2. More Freedom Of Self-Expression

This kind of relationship allows many women to date or live with a man who is more accommodating of their desires.

Let's face it, many women have many traits or desires that make them want to challenge the traditional relationship paradigm and assume some masculine roles. In a female-led relationship, they can do this, not to be dominant, but to express their real selves.

Similarly, men who are more comfortable taking the less dominant role get to fulfill their wish without being called out on it by getting into female-led relationships.

3. More Love

Men who are welcoming of these kinds of relationships love their women more.

Think about it: any man willing to give up so much power to the woman he loves must love her very deeply. A man who has put aside his ego for the sake of the woman he adores certainly has lots of love and affection to give her.

So, a woman in this kind of relationship is certain to get a lot of love from the man she loves. That's priceless.

4. Women Are Amazing At Multitasking

Naturally, women are multitasking experts. We have women who run businesses and still keep their families and homes running smoothly.

Men can focus on a single thing at a time. So, letting her take charge ensures that none of these things fails because she can afford to give them all her attention.

5. More Focus On Family Happiness

When the focus is not on who decides what, the people in the relationship can be much happier. Happiness is often threatened when the partners cannot tell who decides what.

But with clearly defined roles, that will hardly ever happen.

6. Better Communication

Generally, couples in female-led relationships have an easier time expressing their feelings to each other. As you know, communication is the glue that holds relationships together.

Many women know this instinctively, which is why they will ensure that proper communication exists between them and their partners when they are in charge of the relationship.

7. More Support From Each Other

When a partner knows that a certain responsibility falls on them, they have greater confidence in doing it because the other partner knows their responsibility is to offer support.

This builds confidence and sober decision-making that makes the relationship grow.

8. There Is More Efficiency And Organization When The Woman Is In Charge

Truth be told, women are incredibly efficient and organized when it comes to running a home. So, why not let them be in charge?

Women don't miss the small details that men do by focusing on the bigger picture. Therefore, letting the woman be in charge ensures the relationship, and the home runs more smoothly without many small hiccups messing everything up.

9. Improved Sex Life

Many men don't have an idea of what they should do in the bedroom, and would gladly give up that role to enhance this aspect of their lives.

It's easy for men to find satisfaction with their sex life, and most would wish their women had the same experience as well. This is easier to achieve when they let the woman take control of bedroom matters.

10. More Satisfaction

Partners are more satisfied with the relationship when things run smoothly because of sharing responsibilities fairly.

In a female-led relationship, communication, sex life, and other aspects of the relationships improve, bringing more satisfaction to the partners.

11. Women Are More Aware

Women understand what's going on within a home much more than men do. A woman will know what is going on with every family member and even the things bothering her man.

That means that nothing will be ignored when she is in charge.

12. Better Gender Balance When The Woman Is In Charge

Because all the power is not heaped on the man, both partners enjoy more because the power does not feel like a burden on any single partner.

The two partners pitch in to make the relationship succeed. Everyone feels they have a role to play to make the relationship work, and that strengthens the bond between the partners.

13. Less Guesswork For The Men

It's an open secret that women are huge enigmas. When a woman is in charge, the man is relieved of the huge burden of reading her signals to understand what she wants.

Instead, the woman can directly address her concerns without depending on the man to read her mind.

The Four Types Of Female Led Relationships

All female-led relationships are not created equal, and it's important to know the differences. Actually, there are four types of FLRs, and here they are.

Type 1: Low Control

This is the mildest form, and the woman only takes the lead in certain aspects. She might not even feel so comfortable doing it because she probably wishes the man took charge instead.

In this case, the man proposed that the woman takes the lead roles in some aspects of the relationship, and she agreed.

This woman does not like dominance, and her new dominant roles don't feel particularly comfortable for her.

Type 2: Moderate Control

In this type of female-led relationship, the woman takes charge in many everyday matters in the relationship. However, she still sets boundaries on matters she is not responsible for and doesn't want to handle.

The man proposes the woman take on a lead role in some areas, and after trying it out, she likes it and even enjoys herself.

However, she does not go beyond her defined roles fearing that it would rock the relationship. She only confines herself to what feels normal to her.

Type 3: Defined Control

This type of female-led relationship is a little more serious. You can even say the woman has taken on the traditional male roles in the relationship. As a result, sex is even freakier and kinkier.

A woman in this kind of relationship is keen to challenge existing gender norms in relationships. She deliberately switches gender roles.

That is why she wants to control finances, sex life, and other aspects of the relationship.

Type 4: Extreme Control

Obviously, this FLR is more serious and extreme. The woman practically sees her man as her servant, who has to do whatever she asks.

She controls every aspect of the relationship.

Frankly, the focus of this FLR is sex life. Things get a little crazy and bondage and sadism are usually part of the package.

We can all agree that women can lead, which means there is nothing particularly untoward about being in a female-led relationship. In fact, these kinds of relationships have plenty of benefits to offer.