The Fascinating Story Of The 'Trueblue Twins'


While twins are quite commonplace, some individuals are perpetually fascinated by the uncanny similarity between two separate individuals.

However, even with their striking resemblances, twins Megan and Morgan garnered more than just curious glances from bystanders. With their eyes the hue of crystalline water at the tender age of four, a single photograph of them turned into an internet sensation, swiftly going viral online.

At the tender age of four, Megan and Morgan Boyd captured the world's heart when their mother shared endearing photos on Instagram, earning them the endearing nickname "Trueblue Twins."

While many parents gush over pictures of their little ones, the unique charm of these twins caught the world's eye, resulting in a whopping 153,000 Instagram followers for them.

And it's not hard to see why, don't you agree?

The girls made their grand entrance on June 6, 2011.

Their mom, Stephanie, is the mastermind behind the girls' nickname. She was the first to start calling them the "Trueblue Twins" due to their captivating blue eyes.

To tell Megan and Morgan apart, you need to focus on their eyes specifically.

Megan is the only one with two blue eyes. Morgan, on the other hand, has a distinct look as her right eye is dark brown instead of blue.

As nine-year-old's, this is how the girls currently look.

Like many twins, the Trueblue duo is no stranger to wearing matching outfits, as you can see.

Stephanie happily admits that she takes pleasure in shopping for her daughters' clothes and curating their wardrobes.

Her primary concern is the well-being of her twin girls, both in terms of their physical health and emotional happiness.

The girls' rare eye color has captivated and amazed numerous admirers.

Certain people instinctively assume that adults of African descent with blue eyes are wearing colored contacts, but in reality, their blue eyes can be attributed to a rare gene.

Stephanie, the mother of the Trueblue Twins, asserts that even though she naturally has blue eyes, she doesn't wear colored contacts.

Despite her daughters becoming genuine online celebrities, Stephanie remains grounded and down-to-earth.

While Stephanie acknowledges that Megan and Morgan's natural beauty could potentially lead to successful modeling careers, she doesn't want to push her daughters into that path. That's some wise advice.

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