The Easiest Ways For Your Boyfriend To Earn Brownie Points

Men sometimes find it confusing to understand what women want, but it's actually not that difficult to make a woman happy. All it takes is a little effort to show her that you care. Here are some simple ways for a boyfriend to make his girlfriend happy:

1. Post flattering photos of us online

We would love for you to show us off and brag about us to your friends. If you post cute pictures of us on social media, we will be happy that you are proud to have us in your life and want to share us with others.


2. Randomly go down on us

After you have finished, simply allow us to enjoy our orgasm and then continue with what we were doing previously. There is no need to request any kind of reciprocation or to try to initiate sexual activity.

3. Bring us breakfast in bed

A great way to start the day is to be awoken with a loving gesture, such as oral pleasure. Another delightful way to wake up is with the smell of bacon cooking. An added bonus is if the dishes are already clean after breakfast. These actions will surely earn you extra points with your partner.


4. Spend one-on-one time with our parents

We appreciate it when you join us for dinner with our family. However, it would mean even more to us if you were willing to spend quality time with our parents separately, such as by going to brunch with our mom or lending a hand to our dad with chores while we are occupied elsewhere.

5. Take us out on unexpected dates

Please avoid taking us to the same location every weekend for the past six months. Instead, surprise us with tickets to a concert or make reservations at a new restaurant. These unexpected gestures will be much appreciated.


6. Buy us cheap little gifts

We would appreciate small, thoughtful gifts more frequently rather than only receiving large presents on special occasions. For example, you could buy our favorite candy from the store or pick a flower for us. These little gestures can go a long way in making us feel loved and appreciated.

7. Give us frequent massages

It is uncommon to receive a massage without it leading to other intentions. If you give us a massage, such as rubbing our back or feet, without any hidden agenda, we will deeply appreciate and love you for it.


8. Tell us you love us in detail

Instead of saying "I love you" as a habit, take the time to really express your feelings. Sit us down, make eye contact, and tell us why you love us. This will mean so much more to us than just hearing the words without any heartfelt emotion behind them.

9. Leave us mushy notes

You don't have to go to great lengths to show your love for us. Something as simple as scribbling "I love you" on a napkin and including it in our lunch bag can be a thoughtful and sweet gesture. It's the thought that counts.


10. Bake us actual brownies

While a nice dinner is always appreciated, dessert is an even more special treat. If you surprise us with something warm and freshly baked, we will be sure to rave about you to all of our friends.