The Drunk Mind Speaks The Sober Heart: 5 Times You Express Your Feelings Via Drunk-texting

Many people end up sending text messages to someone else when they are drunk. Sometimes, we send these messages after drinking and don't even remember doing it.

There are times when sending text messages when drunk can be funny, and the messages are pretty hilarious. However, sometimes, you end up expressing your feelings via drunk texting.

This is where your drunk mind ends up expressing the feelings of a sober heart. In this article, we will look at some cases of expressing feelings via drunk texting.

Some Examples Of Emotional Expression

There are some things that people would love to say to others but do not have the courage when sober. However, after a few drinks, this all changes – and what better way to do it than by text?

Some examples of expressing true feelings when drunk texting are:

Telling Someone About A Crush

One of the things you may do when you have been drinking is to text someone and tell them about a crush you have on them. Many people harbor these emotions but cannot bring themselves to express them when sober.

After you have had some drinks, it gives you the bravado you need. You may then end up texting someone to tell them you have a crush on them.

Telling Someone You Love Them

Another thing you may find yourself doing is texting someone declaring your love! This is something you may struggle to do when you are sober.

Once you have had some drinks, you may feel brave enough to tell someone that you love them. Texting them means that you can seize the opportunity while you feel brave enough simply by reaching for your mobile phone.

Asking Someone To Come Over

Some people have a drink and decide they want the company of a specific person. This could be a person you would not dream of inviting over when sober.

However, after a few drinks, your drunk mind may persuade you to text and invite them over. This is a combination of combatting loneliness after drinking and seeing a particular person.

Getting Angry With Someone

It is not just expressions of love that people express when they have been drinking and start texting people. You may end up sending angry texts to someone.

There could be people with who you feel angry, but you do not have the courage to say this when sober. When drunk, however, this can change, and you may find yourself sending them an angry text message.

Telling Someone You Will Change

One other way you may express your feelings is by texting someone to tell them you will change. This could be a partner or someone you have argued with.

When you have been drinking, you may feel more determined about changing in some way. This is something you may then express to someone else while you are feeling this determined.

Pause For Thought Before Hitting Send

These are all examples of expressing your feelings via drunk texting. It can be difficult to stop yourself from sending messages like this when you have been drinking.

Of course, if you can, you should always try to pause for thought before hitting the send button. However, if you have had too much to drink, this is something that may not even occur to you.