The Dragonfly Carries A Deep And Powerful Meaning: Do You See Them Often?

The Dragonfly Carries A Deep And Powerful Meaning: Do You See Them Often?

The dragonfly is a symbol of change and transformation. If you see a lot of dragonflies frequently, it means the universe is sending you a message to undergo a transformation.

The universe is calling out to you to evolve into a better version of yourself. Through the dragonfly, the universe is manifesting itself to prompt you to actualize the characteristics of your better nature.

Dragonflies undergo a cycle of change in their color. As they mature, they exhibit more pronounced and brighter hues.

Think of the dragonfly's colors as your personal qualities and values. The more you mature and evolve as a person, the brighter and more beautiful your aura and overall personality transform. People notice subtle positive changes in your personality and behavior. You exude creativity, maturity, and purity.

The Spirit of the Dragonfly

Dragonflies' early stages are comparable or analogous to that of the nymph. The dragonfly comes out of its shell after spending as long as five years under the surface of the water.

They use their internal gills to breathe. With their malleable jaws, they tear away and cut at other invertebrates like fish and tadpoles.

In the same vein, the spirit of the dragonfly teaches us to tear ourselves away from the bondage of things beyond our control. It inspires us to stop worrying and feeding our anxieties.

Also, it sheds light on the dark miasma of our less than evolved selves. These immature selves fueled by unfulfilled needs manifest in habits or addictions.

The spirit of the dragonfly influences us to overcome these bad habits and addictions. These addictions are excessive eating, binge drinking, gambling, procrastination, and other excesses of the broken psyche.

Addictions are the diseased engorgement of suppressed emotions and the necrotic appearance of traumas that were not healed. When we are unbalanced and having difficulty with the ordeals in our life, the universe sends a message to remind us that we have the capacity and power to take control and change.

The Symbol of the Dragonfly

The word "dragon" in the dragonfly's name stems from the myth that dragonflies were once dragons. Its symbol means mental and emotional maturity that is capable of comprehending the deeper meaning of life.

The dragonfly is associated with the medium water during its early life stages. Water symbolizes deep emotions and the subconscious.

Its emergence from the water and its winsome flight into the air or ether are symbolic of our passage and journey from knowing the surface reality of things and nature to a profound experience of life's deeper mysteries.

This passage becomes wisdom and appreciation of the complexity and challenges in life. Since we have experienced more, we are more attuned to learning about ourselves. We know more about our strengths and limitations and the reasons behind our experiences.

For most of its life, the dragonfly lives as a "nymph" beneath the surface of the water. As humans, most of us work hard to make sense of our lives and the reasons behind our behavior and experiences.

For a few months, the dragonfly takes to flight and fleets here and there. It exemplifies living in the moment.

Living in the moment has its virtues, safe in the knowledge of who we are, where we are, what we are doing, and what we want and don't. This self-knowledge empowers us to make the right decisions and inspires us to be responsible and balanced in our life perspectives.

The dragonfly wings reflect the colors of the universe, and in our wisdom, we make its colors brighter.