The Death Of A Dog Can Be Just As Heartbreaking As The Death Of A Love

The Death Of A Dog Can Be Just As Heartbreaking As The Death Of A Love

It turns out there is some truth to the phrase that a dog is a man's best friend. People can get connected to their dogs as strongly as they get attached to a close friend or even a family member. Because of this bond, losing this furry pet can be a huge emotional blow comparable to that of losing a human friend.

This is why it shouldn't seem strange that a person that has just lost a dog would need time to mourn and recover from the heartbreak.

A Deep Connection

People with dogs have a very deep connection to them. Dogs can be great companions by being always at our sides, which is why our brains start to see them as real friends at some point; at least according to science.

Even though owning a pet does come with its fair share of woes as you have to take care of its needs daily, the relationship can also be quite profound and meaningful. The fact that people spend years with their dogs also makes this bond very strong.

These moments can become such an important part of your life. Therefore, when the dog finally passes away, the emotional burden can seem to be more than you can bear.

The Love Was Real

There is research showing that humans can deeply and truly love their pets. It is not just a bold claim people make about their furry friends. This love also comes with a lot of companionships, and that can have a lot of significance in a person's life.

Dogs also have a lot of positive energy around them, and people enjoy this in addition to the comfort and assurance they provide. Therefore, losing all this can be devastating to any person.

When you come to think of it, no one would spend years caring for an animal they did not dearly love; and that is what happens with dogs. This huge responsibility can bring about feelings of guilt when the pet passes away; which can worsen the grief the owner feels.

It's Okay Not To Move On Immediately

After losing a dog you have lived with for years, you might feel really down in the dumps. But don't let anyone tell you "it's just a dog" as a way to make you "snap out of it." It is perfectly fine not to be fine immediately after as you grieve your departed companion. In fact, this is healthy; and after that, you can move on with your life while focusing on the fun and beautiful moments you shared with your dog.

Without grieving the loss of your dog properly, the sad last moments might be all you remember, and that can keep reopening the deep emotional wounds time and again. The only way to see this as a minor and normal hurdle to the relationship you shared and focus on the countless beautiful moments you had is to make sure you mourn the dog after its loss and get rid of all the grief the death caused you.

Remember, losing your dog is extremely difficult. It is a very heartbreaking experience that should not be taken lightly. Mourn your dog until you recover emotionally. Then you can move on with your life while reminiscing on the great times you had together.