The Dating Struggles Of Tomboys Everywhere

It can be challenging to find a partner who understands and appreciates that you are a woman who is not afraid to get dirty or hang out with the guys. It can be frustrating when guys seem to be more attracted to more traditionally feminine women, while you are often overlooked. However, it is important to keep trying and to not give up hope that you will find someone who will see the unique and wonderful qualities that tomboys have to offer.


1. You're Just One Of The Guys

As a tomboy, it can be difficult to be seen and appreciated as a woman. Your male friends may treat you as just one of the guys because you have similar interests and behaviors. This can require you to put in extra effort to assert your femininity and remind others that you are a woman.

2. Jeans Are Dressed Up

It can be frustrating when others assume that dressing up means wearing formal or traditionally feminine attire, such as dresses or high heels. It's important to remember that personal style is a matter of preference, and there are many ways to look put-together and fashionable without necessarily conforming to certain societal expectations. Just because you prefer jeans and flats doesn't mean you don't care about your appearance. It's okay to have your own sense of style and to express it through your clothing choices.


3. You Say What's On Your Mind.

As a tomboy, it can be challenging to navigate relationships because you may not have the same social filters as some of your male friends. This can lead to misunderstandings or hurt feelings when you speak candidly without considering the feelings of your partner. It can be helpful to be mindful of this dynamic in your relationships and to try to be more aware of how your words and actions may be perceived by others.


4. You Call Your Date Out On His BS

It can be frustrating when someone you are on a date with tries to play games or use manipulative tactics. If you recognize these behaviors and confront them, the other person may become angry or upset. This can lead to an unpleasant or even potentially unsafe situation, such as having to leave the date early and finding a way home. It's important to be aware of these dynamics and to take steps to protect yourself.


5. You're Not Into The Fake Giggle

It can be confusing and annoying when someone expects you to pretend to find something funny that you don't actually find amusing. If your sense of humor doesn't align with your date's, it may be better to be honest and move on rather than try to force a connection that isn't genuine. It's important to be true to yourself and to find someone who appreciates and values your sense of humor.


6. Heels Are Hell

High heels can be uncomfortable and cause pain in the toes, making it difficult to walk comfortably or at all. While some people may consider them fashionable and have a few pairs in their wardrobe, it's important to prioritize comfort and practicality over appearances. It's okay to prefer to wear shoes that allow you to move around easily and without discomfort.


7. Sitting In A Dress Is Impossible

It can be uncomfortable and inconvenient to have to dress up in formal attire, such as dresses or suits, for events like weddings or fancy dinners. It may feel more natural and comfortable to wear casual clothes, such as jeans and a hoodie, to a fast food restaurant. It's important to remember that personal style and comfort are important and to try to find a balance between dressing up for certain occasions and feeling comfortable in your own skin.


8. You Actually Want To Be Treated Like A Girl

As a tomboy, it can be frustrating when others assume that your interests and behaviors make you more like a man. It's important to remember that being a tomboy doesn't mean you are any less of a woman, and you should still be treated with respect and consideration. You deserve to be treated like a woman, including being treated with kindness and appreciation for your beauty. It's okay to want a partner who treats you with gentlemanly manners and shows you affection.


9. Most Guys Are Intimidated By You

It's common to have shared interests with your partner, but it's important to be mindful of how those interests may be perceived. For example, if you are knowledgeable about sports, cars, or technology and your partner is less familiar with these topics, they may feel intimidated or self-conscious. A confident and secure person should not be threatened by their partner's interests or expertise, but it's important to be sensitive to these dynamics and to try to find a balance in your conversations and activities.


10. You're Sick Of Being Told To Wear Makeup

There's nothing wrong with wanting to wear makeup or other beauty products, but it's important to do so for yourself and not just to try to impress others, especially a potential romantic partner. If you prefer to wear makeup, that's fine, but if you feel comfortable and confident without it, there's no reason to feel like you have to put it on to try to win someone over. It's important to be authentic and true to yourself, and to find someone who appreciates and values you for who you are, makeup or no makeup.


11. You Hate Pretending To Be A Girly Girl

As a tomboy, you may have tried to conform to traditional gender roles or expectations at some point, such as by dressing up or pretending to be interested in traditionally feminine activities. However, this can be uncomfortable and inauthentic, and it may not lead to lasting relationships if your partner doesn't appreciate or accept the real you. It's important to be true to yourself and to find someone who values and understands who you are, rather than trying to fit into a role that doesn't feel genuine or comfortable.


12. You Want To Go To A Sports Bar, Not A Michelin-starred Restaurant

It's okay to prefer more casual or laid-back dining experiences, like a sports bar, over more formal or upscale options like a five-star restaurant. It's important to choose a setting that aligns with your interests and preferences, and to not feel like you have to conform to certain expectations or norms. It's okay to want to watch a game while you eat, and to enjoy hearty, familiar food rather than trying unfamiliar dishes with small portions.


13. Dates Turn Into Competitions

As a tomboy, you may have a competitive nature and enjoy engaging in activities that challenge or test your skills. While this can be a positive trait in many situations, it can also cause problems in relationships if it leads to an unhealthy level of competition or an inclination to diminish your partner's ego or self-esteem. It's important to find a balance and to be mindful of how your competitiveness may affect your interactions with others.


14. Gas Will Happen

It can be difficult to remember to behave differently or follow certain social norms when you are used to being around friends who have a more relaxed or informal dynamic. For example, if you are used to letting out gas or belching freely with your male friends, it may be hard to remember to hold back on a date. It's important to be mindful of your behavior and to try to be respectful and considerate of your partner, even if you are used to a different social dynamic.


15. Guys Get Jealous Of Your Friends

If you have more male friends than female friends, it's possible that your romantic partners may feel jealous or threatened by these relationships. It's important to communicate with your partner and to assure them that your friendships are important to you and that you are committed to the relationship. It's not fair to have to choose between your friends and your partner, and it's important to find someone who is secure enough in themselves and in your relationship to accept and appreciate your friendships.


Why Tomboys Are Just As Hot As Girly Girls

There's nothing wrong with not being interested in traditionally feminine activities or attire, and this does not make you any less attractive. In fact, many people find tomboys or individuals who buck traditional gender roles to be attractive and appealing. It's important to remember that personal style and interests are a matter of preference, and that there are many ways to be attractive and attractive to others without conforming to certain societal expectations. It's okay to enjoy wearing jeans and watching sports and to not feel like you have to be a "girly girl" to be attractive or to find someone to share your life with.


1. You're Ready So Much Faster

Many people find it attractive when their partner is able to be spontaneous and go with the flow, rather than needing a lot of time to get ready or plan ahead. If you are someone who doesn't spend a lot of time on makeup, hair, and fashion, this can make you more attractive to a potential partner because they know that you are willing and able to be spontaneous and go on last-minute dates or adventures.


2. You Always Look Like You

It can be tempting to try to enhance your appearance with certain beauty or fashion products or techniques, like push-up bras, shaping underwear, false eyelashes, or high heels. While these may make you look good on the outside, it's important to remember that true attractiveness comes from within and that it's okay to be yourself and to not feel like you have to put on a facade to be desirable. It's better to be genuine and authentic and to not leave your partner wondering or disappointed when you take off your clothes or makeup.


3. You're Not Obsessed With Guys

It's important to remember that it's okay to be independent and to enjoy your own company and activities, even if you are open to dating. If you are not constantly fixated on finding a partner or being asked out, it can be more enjoyable and fulfilling to focus on your own interests and relationships with friends and family. It's okay to take time for yourself and to not feel like you have to be in a relationship to be happy.


4. You Actually Eat, Even The Messy Stuff

You don't follow fad diets and aren't afraid to order something hearty, even if you're on a first date. You prioritize your own enjoyment of the food over what others might think. You believe that if you can't eat what you want, there's no point in eating at all.

5. You're Not Afraid To Get Dirty

Whether you're more of a girly girl or a tomboy, you don't mind getting dirty and don't let others stop you from having fun. You may not wear much makeup or none at all, because you know that dirt is easily washable and life goes on. You prioritize having fun and worry about the mess later.


6. You're More Adventurous

While being a princess can be cute, guys find it attractive when a woman is adventurous. You enjoy participating in activities that are traditionally associated with men, such as sports, camping, playing video games, and going out for good food. You're open to trying new things just for the fun of it.

7. Guys Understand You Better

While girly girls may stand out more, guys find tomboys more relatable and are therefore more comfortable around them. They appreciate being able to have meaningful conversations with you and find it attractive when you're easy to talk to. They know that you're still feminine, but they feel more at ease with you because you have shared interests and are easy to relate to.


8. You're Comfortable In Your Own Skin

You embrace your true self and are confident in who you are. You don't try to hide anything or pretend to be someone you're not. Even if girly girls may make fun of you sometimes, you don't let it get to you because you're comfortable in your own skin. Being comfortable and confident is always attractive.

9. You're Feminine Without All The Work

Society often dictates that femininity is equated with being overly sexualized and constantly striving to present oneself in a traditionally girly manner. However, this is not true. You can be feminine and attractive without conforming to societal expectations. You don't have to spend hours trying to fit a certain image, and wearing loose jeans and a baggy t-shirt does not make you any less feminine.


10. Jeans And A Tee Are Hot

Guys find both a short skirt or tight dress, as well as a simple tee and jeans, attractive because it conveys confidence and a carefree attitude. You come across as approachable and friendly, without giving off the impression that you're only looking for a casual hookup.

11. You're Not A Diva

Girly girls may be known for being demanding and perfectionistic, and for not liking to get dirty or do things that don't align with their preferences. Tomboys, on the other hand, tend to be more laid-back and focused on enjoying life to the fullest without being too concerned about how they appear to others. While both types of personalities can have their moments, tomboys are generally seen as being more easy-going and fun-loving.


12. It's Okay If Your Hair Gets Messed Up

As a general rule, guys know not to touch a woman's hair because it can lead to them being scolded and having to wait while the woman fixes it. However, you don't mind if your hair gets a little disheveled. A quick brush and a ponytail is all it takes to fix it, and you don't see it as a big deal.

13. You Have Easier Access To Guys

Just like guys who make fun of male cheerleaders don't realize that it's a good way to meet girls, many people underestimate the social advantages of being a tomboy. You have an easier time hanging out with guys and are already friends with them, whereas girly girls may have to work harder to fit in. You may even be dating one of them.