The Dark Tunnel Is About To Give Way To The Light - Your Breakthrough

The Dark Tunnel Is About To Give Way To The Light – Your Breakthrough

Millennials are in a constant battle with themselves, their emotions, ambitions, expectations, and decisions. With peer pressure, an unfulfilled need for love and care, and the pressure to meet up with this abstract standard for success, it is no wonder that some chose to give up. If only you know how much closer you are to a breakthrough.

What are you going through?

Are you struggling to have better grades at school or to make a success of your current program amidst other responsibilities?

Are you in a stressful work environment that requires you to give more than you have and pays much less?

Are you overwhelmed by caring for aged parents? Or are you mentally stressed thinking about how to set a fine example for your younger ones?

Are you an entrepreneur seeking a breakthrough after repeated failures?

Are you battling with depression?

Are you seeking true love after numerous heartbreaks?

Are you the type to make comparisons between yourself and your so-called friends who seem to be thriving and successful on social media?

Well, as a millennial myself, I understand the struggle. I have found out though that we oftentimes give up at the brink of a breakthrough. At the point where holding on is most difficult, where the battle is the strongest and our strength the weakest, that is the break of dawn.

You are not alone

Never think that you are the only one experiencing disappointments and trials. There are many others like you fighting the same battle and some even have a more difficult time than you do. Only those who chose to never give up have been able to bask in the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Difficulties strengthen us for future blessings. They make us appreciate to a superlative degree our success when it finally happens because we didn't have it easy. At the end of the day, you have a success story that others can learn from.

Steer clear of making comparisons

Comparison is the thief of joy. When you keep comparing yourself to others, you become oblivious to your own breakthroughs, no matter how big or small they are. Therefore, learn to count your blessings each day, little or large. Do not allow stories propagated on social media to form you, making you think that all your peers are doing better than you are. What if it's all fake? Remember that you only see what they let you see. What if the other side of them, outside of social media, is shady and rotten? Never walk by another man's clock. Their time to shine isn't necessarily yours too.

Chicken soup for the soul – be motivated

Instead of giving up on yourself, work hard to improve. Be courageous and do not give up. Fight a fine fight without quitting. Even if you fall in failure along the way, get up. Don't wallow in it. By the way, what's true success if one hasn't known failure?

It takes logic to come out of a place of gloom. So give yourself a pep talk. Tell yourself to no longer stand in places of uncertainty. Work hard, trust better than before, speak lesser than you see and be kind to yourself and others. Trust me, it lifts the dark clouds.

And on the darkest days when you feel unloved, inadequate, and unworthy, remember who you are, who you can be, and straighten your crown. At the moment where life keeps giving you what you don't want, turn the tables by taking what gives you life. Before you know it, you are there – the moment of breakthrough where the impossible becomes possible.