The Curse Of Being A Woman With A Baby Face

Despite being 30 years old, my face gives the impression that I am much younger, presenting a bit of a challenge. Despite always having a youthful appearance, I had hoped that this issue would resolve once I hit 30. However, that has not been the case. Here are some of the challenges that come with having a "baby face":

1. You Can't Even Buy Lottery Tickets Without ID, Never Mind Alcohol

The majority of women in their twenties are aware of the need to carry identification when purchasing alcohol, in case it is requested by the cashier. Nevertheless, if you have a youthful appearance, it's not only alcohol that requires consideration. Other items, such as lottery tickets and cigarette lighters, also have age restrictions. If you've ever been asked to provide identification when buying a seemingly innocuous item like a set of nail clippers, it's a sure sign that you possess a "baby face."

2. People Talk To You As Though You're A Child

Women who possess a youthful appearance can recount numerous instances at work when customers have mistaken them for a student on a work placement or when they were offered the children's menu at a restaurant. Despite finding it cringe-worthy to clarify their actual age, their friends often find it amusing!

3. Nobody Respects Your Opinion Or Takes You Seriously

Undoubtedly, the most challenging aspect of possessing a youthful appearance is that during group discussions, individuals often disregard your opinions or talk over you because they presume you are too young to have valuable insights. This is a frequent occurrence, whether in social gatherings or professional settings. For those of us who are introverted, this can be a draining experience that gradually diminishes our confidence.

4. Bosses Overlook You

Appearing younger can hinder your career advancement, particularly if your supervisor is unfamiliar with your abilities. Even if your boss is unpleasant, it's incumbent upon you to ensure that they understand your strengths and capabilities. I once missed out on a promotion and, when I requested feedback, my manager informed me that it was because Claire, who was older and had more experience, was selected instead. Interestingly, I was actually older than Claire!

5. You're Approached By All The Wrong Types Of Men

Having an exceedingly youthful appearance tends to attract two distinct types of men. The first group comprises of young guys, often teenagers who may still wear their father's aftershave. The second group consists of unsettling older men who possess a predilection for younger women. This is a repulsive prospect.

6. People Assume You're Lying And Laugh At You

If individuals aren't dismissing you, they're often laughing at you. It's baffling, but people seem to find it amusing when you mention that you've been driving for over a decade or worked in marketing for eight years before starting your current job. Essentially, life is one big experience of social discomfort when you have a baby face.

7. People Judge You For Having Kids

As a mother with a youthful appearance, you are well aware of the judgmental glances and murmurs behind your back. Even if you're simply accompanying your niece or younger brother and don't have kids of your own, people's reactions may make you feel like a teenage mother.

8. Every Day Is A Wardrobe Dilemma

Donning a pencil skirt and heels can often lead to others assuming that you're playing dress-up with your mother's work attire. Additionally, it's best to steer clear of anything pink and glittery, as it may give the impression that you're attempting to resemble a Barbie princess.

9. You're Often Asked, "Is That Your Mom/dad?"

In reality, it may just be your younger sibling or significant other.

10. Salesmen Ask You If Your Parents Are Home

Charity collectors, insurance agents, window cleaners, and religious proselytizers are among the many individuals who may approach you. Nonetheless, this is one of the benefits of having a youthful appearance!

Undoubtedly, there are several perks to appearing younger than your actual age. For instance, you don't have to splurge on anti-aging products just yet, unlike some of your friends who have already started Botox treatments. Additionally, you can still receive some covert discounts on shopping and entertainment by requesting child prices or student deals.