The Common Issues Facing Dogs Today… And How To Counter Them

the common issues facing dogs today… and how to counter them

To provide your dog with the best life possible, it is important to have an acute awareness of the common issues they face today.

Whether you are thinking of owning a dog for the first time, or you are simply looking for ways to improve the level of care you are giving to the one you already have, there are many tips and tricks to keep in mind. Ultimately, there is always something you can do to improve their wellbeing and enrich their lives.

From making sure they behave to monitoring their overall health, you will find some tips on how to counter some of the more common issues facing dogs today after the jump.

Dog Owner Behavior

Many problems that are prevalent in dogs can actually be caused by the owners.

Therefore, it might be worthwhile to assess your own behavior, as this can have a large influence over that of your pooch. After all, it has been said that the pet owner's personality can affect canine training success, according to a recent study. It could be a good idea to consult all the latest studies in dog care, as they could give you great ideas on how to improve your approach to looking after your pooch.

For example, practicing patience and fine-tuning a calm demeanor will help you make more progress with your dog when it comes to training and obedience. Additional tips that might prove useful could be:

Limiting treat offerings: Using tasty snacks as a reward and a very occasional treat could be enough to stave off any greedy behaviors in your dog.

Using a whistle in recall training: A harsh, loud noise may grab your dog's attention more than a shouting voice that is perhaps not quite as authoritative as it should be.

Reduce conflict in your life: Dogs can pick up on signs of aggression, tension, and confrontation in others, so keeping a lid on things here could be crucial.

Provide chews and regular walks: If your pooch is bored, they are perhaps more likely to engage in antisocial behaviors.

The Theft of Dogs

Owning a dog is a true privilege, but not everyone acquires them via honest means.

Unfortunately, dogs are frequently stolen from their owners or even the stores from where they are being sold, so it is important to be vigilant. You could research the rates of dog theft in your area, as it might help you determine whether this is something that you may be particularly susceptible to depending on your location and the breeds being taken. No matter the results, though, you should remain aware of this constant threat and take action to counter it.

Backyards are also common areas from which they are snatched. Installing cameras and automated lights might be enough to deter would-be thieves away from your property. Additionally, simply keeping an eye on them as they go about their business in a garden or outdoor area is strongly advisable. That way, you can always monitor their well-being. If you have a child, you will not allow them out of your sight, and the same principles should be applied to your pooch.

Stiff Joints in Dogs

Joint problems beset many dogs, but fortunately, friendly and supportive companies are out there to help relieve the pressure these difficulties can bring.

Visit for a great range of products and reading materials to help you improve things. Here you will find 'health bites', natural joint health supplements that will keep your pooch in good condition whether they are experiencing health difficulties or aging setbacks. These products help your dog make the best of their life and enjoy every moment, enriching their days beyond measure.

When your dogs experience things like stiff joints, it can be a tough thing to manage. Still, having a company like YuMOVE at your back will help you handle the responsibility and ensure that you never feel helpless in your quest to help your dog. There is always a solution, and it is often found in the companies that put everything they have into quality pet care.

Dog Dental Trouble

In addition to joint problems, dogs can also face their fair share of dental issues.

Some dogs chew all manners of questionable things, and many are not above chasing and catching rats and other vermin. Paying attention to what they are putting in their mouths and offering certain treats designed specifically to help keep their teeth clean is among the better ways of curbing this problem.

It is important to provide constant care in this arena, with regular brushing and annual oral checkups being recommended by many media outlets that report on these matters. A serious gum infection called periodontal disease is the most common oral affliction found in dogs and cats. The bills for checkups can be higher the more problems there are to address and fix, so staying ahead of any dental issues is key.