The Challenges Of College Dating

The Challenges Of College Dating

College is fun and exciting. You are free and uninhibited. And also getting an education that should open doors to a great future for you.

College Life Gives You A Perfect Time To Mingle And Have A Social Life

College dating is hard. And yet, all around you will be people your age who are single.

But wait, shouldn't this make college dating easy? Shooting fish in a barrel, right?

The reality is shockingly different, for a couple of reasons.

College Students Are Undergoing Phenomenal Changes In Their Lives

Time in college is an important time to transition into adulthood. And let's be honest, some college students are mere teenagers.

Others are quite occupied with the desire to get a good education. Some have boyfriends and girlfriends at home, as well as friends and family.

Yep, that's what you are dealing with when you date a college student.

Many students are without the support of family and friends they have learned to depend on all their lives because they are miles from home.

Then you consider that colleges are melting points of different cultures and backgrounds. Deep down, many college students have little in common.

A Relationship Needs A Strong Base, And That's Rare To Find In A College Setting

So, don't be too serious about your approach to college dating. There is plenty to worry about and there is no need to add dating to the list.

You Don't Have To Avoid Dating And Romance In College

No. That's not the idea.

Let your focus be on having fun and socializing. Don't put too much effort into finding a serious relationship. Instead, put your effort into making friends.

Try to share the unique college experience with like-minded people.

If you would like to date, consider those you share classes with, as you will have some common interests to build your relationship upon.

So, although college dating is hard, it's usually the approach that derails most potential college romances.

College Should Be Fun, And Dating In College Should Be Exciting And Full Of Thrills

So, have the right attitude, and don't take yourself too seriously. You should not add to the pressure of dating to being in a new environment and pursuing a college education.

But if things seem to go really well, by all means, give it your best shot. Let things progress organically. Many college romances have turned into charming love stories.

The point is not to date in college with the idea that you are getting into something serious. Let things flow naturally. If something more comes out of the relationship, then well and good. If not, then no harm done.