The Casting Of Black Actress As Cleopatra By Netflix Has Caused Outrage Among Egyptians, Sparking Furious Debate

As the world strives for inclusivity, there are bound to be situations where people become upset. Most recently, Netflix received backlash for casting a black African woman to play the role of Queen Cleopatra.

Numerous documentaries have been produced about Cleopatra, who is widely recognized as one of Egypt's most well-known rulers and is often regarded as the final Pharaoh.

The release of the trailer for the upcoming documentary "African Queen's: Queen Cleopatra" received negative reactions from many Egyptians.

The movie, which has Jada Pinkett Smith as an executive producer, cast British actress Adele James to portray the character of Cleopatra.

As a mixed-race actress, James has faced significant criticism for her role in the upcoming movie. She took to Twitter to address the backlash, urging those who disagree with the casting decision to refrain from watching the film.

A complaint has been lodged against Netflix by an Egyptian lawyer, alleging that the streaming giant has breached media laws and is attempting to erase the Egyptian identity.

Pinkett Smith weighed in on the matter, emphasizing that black queens are not often highlighted in historical narratives. She believes it is important for her and her daughter, as well as the wider community, to learn about them.

Following the negative response to the trailer, Netflix disabled the comments section. While the lineage of Cleopatra remains a topic of debate, historical records indicate that she was born in Alexandria in 69 BC to a family with Greek and Macedonian roots.