The Bossiest Zodiac Signs

The Bossiest Zodiac Signs

I know you can't wait to know which zodiac sign is the bossiest; I couldn't either. But understand that even though the bossiest zodiac signs may not always be so endearing, they usually have something important to offer.

Besides, the truth is that everyone has a place on the list of the bossiest zodiac signs in existence. But these 5 are the bossiest zodiac signs you will ever meet.

1. Aries (Mar 21–Apr 19) - The Bossiest Boss

the bossiest zodiac signs

Aries can be incredibly bossy, but they also get things done and are usually quite successful. So, their bossiness is not entirely a bad thing.

As one of the most controlling zodiac signs, these folks are always busy making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing. It's not enough that an Aries is a boss over you, but that nobody else is a boss over them.

When this boss is in charge, the last thing you should do is get in the way. They can get rude and assertive when necessary, but they are also fair and know how to take responsibility when things don't work out.

However, the possibility of their plans failing can get them on edge. They also appreciate the positive feedback on their leadership.


2. Libra (Sep 24–Oct 23)–The Perfectionist Boss

the bossiest zodiac signs

Libras are complicated, you know that. They understand people, and their bossiness is not usually brash in any way.

In fact, it's hard to see their bossiness because it's so ingrained in their personalities. Libras are ultimate perfectionists, and they work themselves and others to the ground in an effort to achieve their goals.

Libras are not bossy because they want to get things done but because they want things done perfectly. If a party is important to a Libra, then they will stop at nothing to make sure it's perfect.

So, if you want a perfect wedding, put a Libra in charge. Beauty and perfection are something they understand instinctively.

But if they have no interest in something, they couldn't care less who's in charge. They are free spirits that way.

3. Virgo (Aug 24–Sep 23)–The Mean Bosses

the bossiest zodiac signs

The funny thing is that Virgos don't mean to be mean bosses. It's just that you end up being mean and bossy when you are dead serious and lording over someone else.

As you probably already know, Virgos are very critical, and that makes them seem to mean even though their intention is to get things done.

They are also very hardworking, and at the very least, they expect those around them to work as hard as they do.

They are also known to pursue perfection as they work, which means having a Virgo boss is not the easiest thing in the world.

4. Pisces (Feb 19–Mar 20)–The Subtle, Backseat Bosses

the bossiest zodiac signs

You might not feel the strong, overbearing hand of a Pisces boss. These guys are cunning, and they have a mysterious way of getting people around them to do their bidding in a manipulative sort of way.

They boss people around through gentle suggestions, and you will never feel an urge to stand up to them or resist them, as is usually the case with many typical bosses.


Their advantage is that they have excellent intuition, which gives them the ability to influence other people's actions. Unless you are careful, you will not even know that a Pisces is bossing you around. You will feel you are doing what you want and not delivering on someone else's wishes.

5. Scorpio (Oct 24–Nov 22)–The Panicky Boss

the bossiest zodiac signs

Obsession is any of Scorpio's middle-name. Although honest and straightforward, people under this star sign tend to be cagey but also tactful enough to make formidable bosses.

They panic and get nervous when things are not going their way. That makes them bossy in a strange kind of way because people have to do their bidding to keep them happy.

Failure to cooperate with a Scorpio can mean getting cut off from the process entirely. That puts Scorpios among the most unforgiving zodiac signs in existence.

In fact, if you can't do what these guys want, they might end up choosing to get it done themselves instead of bossing you into compliance. They are classic believers in the phrase "if you want something done, you have to do it yourself."

A Scorpio would certainly appreciate having someone do what they want, but as bosses, they don't have the patience to wait for others to get things done. And that's a pretty bossy thing to do.


6. Leo (Jul 23–Aug 23)–The Self-Absorbed Boss

the bossiest zodiac signs

Not only are Leos among the bossiest zodiac signs ever, but they are also among the most know-it-all zodiac signs ever.

Leos always want to be on top, having the ultimate authority and getting all the attention.

However, people under this zodiac sign are also willing to stoop pretty low to get attention and a chance to take charge. Even as bosses, the authority they have over others is only worthwhile if it comes with enough attention to satisfy their oversized egos.

But you should hardly find that surprising since Leos are arguably the top in the list of the most superficial zodiac signs.

Leo bosses are hard to take seriously. They do it for the attention, not because they care about getting things done but because they like the perks that come with playing boss. But they are still bossy enough to make it this high on the list.

I get that it's certainly no fun realizing that you are among the most overbearing zodiac signs ever. But take comfort in the knowledge that the bossiest signs that know how to achieve their goals exist for a good reason.

The truth is that most bossy zodiac signs are born to rule, not to cower, say yes, and become doormats.