The Bitter Truth About An Empath-Narcissist Relationship

The Bitter Truth About An Empath-narcissist Relationship

Empaths and narcissists are opposites of each other. They are as different from each other as day and night. Empaths are really good, and narcissists are so bad.

But even with these differences between them, there is actually something they share in common.

As you have probably heard, opposites do attract, and that is usually the case when an empath ends up with a narcissist. They both have something to offer each other. You might even say they need each other, although whether or not the two are good for each other is another question altogether.


An empath is a harmless and innocent being that seeks peace and sees the good in everyone. They never imagine that people have bad intentions.

They refrain from judging other people. Instead, they stand out for their ability to perceive emotions in other people with their heightened sense of concern for others. An empath can look into your eyes and understand what you are going through. They know when you need help.


They make very precious friends because they are honest and sincere. They are very loving, and they can add a lot of beauty and meaning to your life.

Then we have a narcissist...

First of all, reserve all judgment because these people are not the way they are by choice. Many suffered traumas that turned them into who they are today.

For these people, the world revolves around them, and everyone else is just a pawn in their game. All they desire is to get what they want. Even when you are stretched to the limit and need someone to show you some bit of mercy, the narcissist will still squeeze as many benefits as they can get out of you.


In a relationship, they have to feel superior and more dominant.

And this might come as a surprise – despite their horribleness. These people don't feel a shred of guilt for their actions.

It's not that they can recognize that something has gone wrong. It is just that even if things go wrong, which happens quite often, they will often find someone else to blame for the problem even when they are fully responsible. They are never wrong.


But they have no problem taking credit for everything. They even heap imaginary praises on themselves.

You should avoid these people for your own good.

But as fate would have it, many empaths end up with narcissists. They fall in love, or at least the empath does.

They are just drawn to each other, and they never have to know each other well to have a good relationship.


Narcissists simply need someone to offer them the emotional support they need, although they will never repay in kind. To an empath, a narcissist often appears to be a soulmate until much later when their true identity comes to the surface.

If you are an empath and know very well what a narcissist looks like, avoid them at all costs regardless of how much you are drawn to them. Narcissists look for victims, not partners, and empaths make easy prey for them.


You might love the narcissist, but he will never love you.

Yes, they all start out as nice and charming people, but that is how they get you hooked before they reveal their true self and start feeding off your kind-hearted nature.

In the end, you will be exhausted and possibly traumatized, and all you will be looking for is a way out of the relationship.

A narcissist, without any provocation, will ignore, hurt, and mistreat you because it gives them a sense of power. They will make you feel like the crazy one, and they will always create problems in the relationship even when there aren't any.


Being an empath, you will probably feel sorry for them, knowing that they have no way of controlling what they do. But if you choose to live with a narcissist, you will live in agony.

Understand one thing – a narcissist cannot be changed. They are perfect by their own standards. They are also incapable of love, and they cannot be in relationships where the other party can actually benefit.


Even if you are an empath who loves a narcissist, know that the best thing for you is to walk away, however hard it might be to turn your back on someone you love.

Love has to be mutual. Otherwise, it will drain and destroy you. In any case, love does not matter to a narcissist, just their singular need to use you as they wish. So, get away from a narcissist today and your life will be much easier and happier.