The Bikini Queen Chelsea Pereira Reveals A Lot More Than Her Cleavage

The Bikini Queen Chelsea Pereira Revealed A Lot More Than Her Cleavage

She started her acting career as a lead in the first two seasons of Imagination Station.

Born in San Diego on December 4, 1991, Chelsea Brooke Pereira is of French, Portuguese, and Norwegian descent.

And with all of her 5'5" (165 cm), Chelsea is undoubtedly one sizzling pocket Venus.

Recently, Chelsea announced that soon she will be switching from Miss to Mrs. She is now happily engaged to the man of her life, Matthew Woodard.

The happy couple shared pictures of their engagement on Instagram, and one of the pictures had a catchy caption: FEYONCÉ.

However, acting is not the only passion in the life of Chelsea Pereira.

She studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Chelsea majored in Beauty product development and marketing.

Above all this, Chelsea is one boss lady by all means. She owns an interior business with her mother, named Coral Cove Interiors.

She shared that it was a family business that needed to be leveled up with a modern touch-up, so she decided to join her mother and offer her help and expertise in the family business too.

Besides movies and series, Pereira also appeared in commercials. Her most popular commercial is the one for Axe Body Spray featuring Mike Tyson.

If you are wondering where you could see Chelsea Pereira, you should know that she appeared in a short TV special for Fox Sports named Riggles Picks.

Other movies with her are 12 Angry Bros, Rock, Paper, Scissors was also featured in Fast and Furious 7.

The secret behind her slim figure is pilates. Chelsea likes to exercise daily.

Chelsea seems like a busy girl, but when she has some free time, she likes to spend it cooking gluten-free food.

She also reads, watches movies, and spends time with her pets. She has a fluffy cat named Merlin, and he is one genuinely handsome boy.