The Biggest Relationship Regrets: All Easily Avoidable

The Biggest Relationship Regrets: All Easily Avoidable

When it's all said and done, the life you have is mostly a sum of the decisions you made at every step of the way. That is why many people so candidly remember their biggest relationship regrets.

So, let's have a look at them. Who knows, you might learn something and avoid them as well.

Letting "The One" Slip Away

the biggest relationship regrets: all easily avoidable

Many people talk about the one that got away. To be fair, some of these people did not push away the love of their lives. They just fell for someone who did not feel the same way about them.

However, the biggest regret comes from knowing that you didn't do all you could to make it work with the love of your life.

Not even celebrities are immune to this relationship regret. Burt Reynolds related to Vanity Fair how he was still not over Sally Field, who he described as the love of his life.

Sometimes, it's not so easy knowing if someone is a keeper or not. You might regret your current relationship, but as soon as it's over, you might realize it's the best thing that has ever happened to you.

That is how some people end up regretting divorce even if it was their idea.

Holding On Longer Than Necessary

the biggest relationship regrets: all easily avoidable

Some regrets in love are about not pulling the plug much sooner.

Instead of ending the relationship as soon as all the signs were there indicating that the relationship had run its course, this person chose to hold on. Eventually, the relationship cost them their dreams in life, ruined important relationships, and probably made them miss their one shot at happiness.

A lot of people in relationships believe that being attached to someone is much better than being single. That's why many get stuck in unhealthy relationships. They realize that things were never meant to be when it's too late.

At that point, they might have wasted a lot of precious time and given up on many ambitions in life.

Some People Regret How They Acted In Past Relationships

the biggest relationship regrets: all easily avoidable

Regrets go both ways. You can regret what your partner did as well as what you did. Some people regret what they did while in relationships.

Some wish they treated their partners better, not because they regret losing them, but because they know everyone deserves better.

With their selfishness and insecurity, such people caused their partners undeserved pain and suffering, and that later turned into regret as soon as they knew better.

Others drunk too much or took their relationships for granted and now wish they had given their past relationships their all. Past behavior can be a strong insight into the kind of person you are. Some people look back and realize how terrible they can be based on how they treated their partners and feel so bad about it.

Although some people might not have a desire to change how the relationship ended, they would very much like to change how they acted.

Some People Regret Settling

the biggest relationship regrets: all easily avoidable

It's a beautiful thing to want a stable, successful relationship that makes you and your partner the envy of every other couple you know. But some people want this so badly that they even put up with bad behavior from their partners in the name of fighting for the survival of the relationship.

Everyone knows what relationship deal breakers are, and each of us can name a few. But when you compromise on these important relationship goals, you start making some of the biggest relationship mistakes ever.

You should never compromise yourself for anyone's sake. Losing yourself for the sake of a relationship is not the idea. The relationship should make you a better version of yourself instead of suppressing you and making you go against your beliefs.

Be serious about deal breakers, otherwise, you will end up in many bad relationships you will end up regretting later in your life.

Learn To Move On

the biggest relationship regrets: all easily avoidable

As much as we hate to admit it, regrets are part of life. But you should be wary of dwelling so much on your past mistakes. Mistakes are part of life, but moving on is a lesson most people don't understand.

Yes, you made mistakes, but see that as a learning experience. And definitely, if you are regretting your current relationship or being with the person you are currently dating, then have the strength to call off the whole thing.

Learn to face the harsh truths much sooner and take action while there is still time. Instead of regrets, you will be happy you made the best decision at the perfect time.

The biggest relationship regrets people talk about should not be your regrets, either. At the end of the day, your success in any aspect of your life will depend on how well you learned from your failures and changed your life for the better, not by how much you held back out of fear that you would make mistakes.