The Biggest Reason For Your Heartbreaks, Revealed By Your Zodiac Sign

The Biggest Reason For Your Heartbreaks, Revealed By Your Zodiac Sign

We all get our hearts broken sometimes. Well, more like a billion times. Sometimes it's the small things, tiny events of life, but most of the time, it's something bigger.

Every person gets their heart broken for a different reason. Most often, I got my heart broken over broken trust. I'm sure many of you did too.

However, what does the Zodiac have to say about this? What is the most common reason your sign gets their heart broken?


Aries, a very positive and energetic sign, is very rarely heartbroken. However, their impulsiveness and ability to connect with anyone can lead them to pick the wrong partners. With this in mind, the wrong partner can break their spirit, and this leads to ultimate heartbreak.


The sign of Taurus is well-known for needing that stability and despising change. They often want to maintain a state so much that they refuse to see the signs of an imminent breakup. The sudden change then devastates them.


Geminis love to rush things in a relationship. They'll often go from 0 to 100 in a matter of weeks. This is because they hate being alone or lonely. But because they rush things, relationships often end badly and a Gemini gets their heart broken.


Cancer people are so emotional and soft yet they refuse to show it most of the time. They like to pretend that they are tough and that nothing can make them sad. But then this results in their partner laughing off any bad feelings a Cancer has. So, a Cancer gets heartbroken over this.


Leos are well-known for being proud. But that only hides a whole set of insecurities. So, their heart gets broken when someone attacks their ego and exposes those insecurities. It can be hard for them to accept it.


Your biggest heartbreaker is you, Virgo. You put yourself on a pedestal and when you can't reach your high goals, you get disappointed and your heart gets broken. Try not to criticize yourself so harshly.


Libras are people-pleasers, and they love to make everyone happy. However, this is not always possible. People are sometimes sad or mad. So, Libra's heart gets broken because they can't keep their partner - or everyone - happy.


Scorpios very rarely let people in. They like to keep to themselves and trust is not something they easily give. But when they do, they expect it's forever. Sadly, people are not always willing to respect it, and lies break a Scorpio's heart.


Sagittarius is adventurous, even if it's just about something in regular life, not travels. They like to try new things. But, it breaks their heart when someone they love isn't willing to go on that adventure with them.


You take everything in life very seriously, and relationships are the same. So, your heart gets broken when you realize that your partner isn't taking your relationship as seriously as you do. It can be truly devastating to you.


Aquarius loves arguing and conflict. Not because they like to fight, but because they love defending their values and ideals. Their heart gets broken when their partner doesn't share the same opinions with them.


Pisceans are very sensitive and emotional. They are very harsh on themselves as well, so it breaks their heart when someone brings up a mistake they made in their past. They don't like it and they feel offended.

So, if you are wondering why your heart got broken once again, for the same thing, you could blame it on your Zodiac. We feel things differently and each experience is unique for every individual. Keep this in mind next time your heart gets broken.