The Best Way To End A Relationship That Just Isn't Working

There exist numerous methods to end a romantic relationship. You may opt to compose a letter, send a text message, or simply vanish into thin air without any trace. For a minimal cost of $5, a Canadian company can even send a breakup message on your behalf via Snapchat. However, the manner in which you break up with someone should take into account the nature and duration of your relationship. In general, though, being straightforward and expressing your thoughts is usually the best approach. Although your partner may not appreciate the news, they will value your honesty. Below is a guide on how to end a relationship that has come to its natural conclusion.

1. Don't Drag It Out

Delaying the inevitable breakup serves no purpose once you've decided to end the relationship. Often, we become preoccupied with identifying the perfect moment to break the news that we end up prolonging the partnership unnecessarily, which doesn't benefit either person involved.

2. Don't Leave It Open For Interpretation

There is a temptation to keep someone hanging on in case you have a change of heart and desire to reconcile with them. Even if it's unintentional, it's unfair to be indecisive about breaking up. If you want the breakup to be definitive, you must be unequivocal about your decision.

3. Treat Him How You'd Want To Be Treated

If the tables were turned and he was the one ending the relationship, you would prefer him to be transparent, truthful, and unambiguous about it, wouldn't you? Therefore, it makes sense to extend the same courtesy and be open, honest, and clear when you are the one ending the relationship.

4. Save The Low Blows

It is unnecessary to nitpick every minor aspect you dislike about him or bring up previous mistakes he has made. You are not his therapist, and he probably won't heed your advice, so it's best to refrain from making such subtle jabs.

5. Don't Blame Him For Everything

In most cases, a relationship ends due to a lack of compatibility between the two individuals involved. It's unlikely that every argument was solely his fault. It's crucial to acknowledge your own role in the relationship's shortcomings since no one is faultless.

6. Tell Him Why It Isn't Working For You

When going through a breakup, the most common question that people ask is "why?" Understanding why a relationship failed can provide a sense of closure, allowing individuals to move on. Knowing whether the reasons were within their control or not can bring some degree of solace.

7. Cut Off Contact, At Least At First

If your goal is to establish a platonic friendship with your former partner, it's advisable to create some space between you initially. This will allow both of you to distance yourselves from any residual romantic feelings and give each other the opportunity to do the same. Transitioning straight from a romantic relationship to a friendship can be perplexing, and you don't want to convey any mixed signals.

8. Don't Make It Unnecessarily Dramatic

Engaging in yelling and screaming during a breakup is counterproductive, even if it provides a momentary release. Remaining calm can be challenging, but it's beneficial. If you approach the situation with a plan, you're more likely to express yourself effectively and leave without causing harm.

9. Stick To Your Guns

If your partner is not in favor of breaking up, they may attempt to persuade you to reconsider. However, if you've already made up your mind and have come this far, it's apparent that you need, at the very least, a break from the relationship. Resist the urge to give in because you'll only find yourself back in the same predicament.

10. Wish Him The Best

The fact that he's now your ex should not diminish your desire for his happiness. While it can be disheartening to see your former partner move on quickly, it's irrelevant since you concluded that he was not the right fit for you. It's time to focus on your own growth and move forward.