The Best Stoned-Out-of-Your-Mind Movies

One of the most relaxing ways to enjoy your buzz is by vegging out in front of the TV. Many viewing options exist, but deciding on a film is sometimes challenging. Don't fret because below is a list of the best movies to watch high.

These top picks captivate your attention and may inspire you to cultivate your own weed. Look for high-quality Haze cannabis seeds for sale to start your cultivation journey.


Whether you're into goofy comedies or light-hearted adventures, there's bound to be a film to suit your preference.

Are you ready to discover good movies to watch high? Keep reading.

1. American Ultra

One of the most exciting movies to watch while high is American Ultra. The 2015 action comedy tells the story of a small-town stoner and his girlfriend. But there's more to the tale.


Mike Howell is a CIA assassinating machine without any recollection of his acts. When operatives try to kill him and his girlfriend, he digs deep and uses his buried skillset to protect them.

Watch this pick if you enjoy high-chase action films with a hint of 420 and a dash of romance.

2. How High

One of the best movies to watch stoned is How High. It features the talents of two multi-platinum rappers, Redman and Method Man. They play the roles of cannabis losers who get a visit from a friend's ghost while buzzed.


Their dearly departed buddy helps them through their exams with scores that get them into Harvard. The film follows their antics at the Ivy League university.

3. Road Trip

Josh Parker and Tiffany Henderson are high school sweethearts who end up at different universities. As their romance begins to fizzle due to the distance, Josh is determined to save the relationship by sending video messages.


On his way to class, he asks one of his friends to mail a tape, only to find that his pal sent an incriminating one instead. Josh and a group of mates embark on a road trip to intercept the recording before it reaches his girlfriend.

Their journey isn't easy, filled with hilarious obstacles and silly misadventures. If light-hearted comedy is your thing, don't pass up Road Trip.


4. Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle starts with two friends getting stoned while vegging out in front of the TV. They see a fast food commercial for White Castle, which amazes them.

They're utterly mesmerized thanks to how cannabis improves brain function, so they search for one nearby. But satisfying their midnight munchies isn't as simple as they think.


Plenty of giggles and laughter abound as the two get into all sorts of trouble during their quest.

5. Dude, Where's My Car?

This 420-friendly film hit screens in 2000, but it's still one of the best movies to watch while high. After a reckless night, two best friends can't recall where their car is.

Dude, Where's My Car? follows the duo as they try retracing their steps from the previous evening. The events are shocking yet amusing, and some scenes are better after several tokes.


6. Friday

Friday is a stoner classic featuring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. The two unemployed friends get into trouble with a drug supplier named Big Worm.

Their escapades involve several other quirky characters and even burglary. The duo needs to do whatever it takes to pay Big Worm back or face dire consequences.

7. Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

The sci-fi comedy features Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. They play two delinquent teens in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, doing poorly in school, particularly in history.


Fortunately, a time traveler named Rufus shows up to help them. The friends journey back to various stunning historical moments to complete their final presentation successfully.

8. Up In Smoke

A Cheech and Chong original, Up in Smoke, follows the story of a pot-toking amateur drummer named Anthony. He leaves home and befriends Pedro, who has the same affection for marijuana.


The two get arrested for possessing the herb but are released shortly after. They have a series of adventures together and even enter a rock band contest.

9. Half Baked

The film's underlying premise is 'A friend in need is a friend indeed.' Four stoner roommates indulge in some weed. Kenny, one of the crew members, goes out on a munchie run and gets arrested during an unfortunate accident.


Thurgood, Scarface, and Brian need to raise $1 million to bail their buddy out. The group is prepared to do almost anything to help Kenny, including a robbery. Half Baked is one of the funniest movies to watch high.

10. We're The Millers

What do a drug dealer, a stripper, a virgin, and a runaway have in common? Find out in this crime-themed comedy.

A 2013 hit, We're the Millers follows a fake family as they venture across the United States border to Mexico. Their false identities hide the fact that they're trying to smuggle cannabis back home.


Marijuana Movie Marathon

Sometimes, enjoying a toke with friends before the TV is all it takes to de-stress. Now that you know the best movies to watch high, pick a favorite, get cozy, and unwind.

Alternatively, binge-watch them all and decide for yourself what the ultimate stoned-out-of-your-mind film is.