The Best Relationship Is When You Can Act Like Lovers And Best Friends At The Same Time

A relationship where you and your partner can treat each other like best friends ensures happiness on both ends. Having a “Sam and Frodo” relationship, while having the ability to stay intimate with your partner, generally guarantees equality and long-term success. Below are a few reasons why this relationship style should be taken advantage of.

Fights do less damage –

After a fight with your best friend, it’s only a matter of time before you start speaking and getting along with each other again. After all, why would you want to lose a best friend? Fights will usually end in anything other than anger and frustration.

Being yourself –

When you are with your best friend, there is no need to show off or do anything you don’t want to. In a regular relationship, each side may feel like they need to impress the other or do things they’d rather not do. Both ends of a ‘best friend’ relationship can benefit by not having to hide anything and being themselves.

More time together –

If your partner is your best friend, there’s no need to take breaks and try to sneak out with friends. If you enjoy each other’s company on the “do anything together” level, you will be able to maximize your time together.

Equality –

The “best friend” relationship ensures that you or your partner don’t ask for anything that a best friend wouldn’t do. No one end of the relationship will be doing more work than the other because you wouldn’t want to push your best friend away. This type of balance guarantees equality between partners.

Peaceful communication –

When you are away from your best friend, you don’t usually have to call 57 times to know where they are. A best friend would never betray or take advantage of you. Both sides of a relationship have freedom and room to breathe.

Connection –

Like attracts like, and generally, a best friend will share more interests and ideas with you than a boyfriend or girlfriend. You can both enjoy your favorite movies and TV Shows as well as discuss similar ideas at a much deeper level.

Treating your partner like a best friend makes sure that both sides of your relationship have freedom and equality. You can show your true colors and have confidence that your secrets are being kept.