The Best Places At Your Home To Make Love

The Best Places At Your Home To Make Love

1. Using the bathroom mirror....There is nothing sexier than seeing your body and his body becoming one. With the mirror, you can see yourself from different angles as well as him from angles you might not have ever seen before. This can be a major turn-on for many..especially men.

2. Shower...There is something so sensual about him washing your hair and hands, caressing your body as he washes your body. This will definitely ignite some furious passion and lead to some amazing lovemaking. Just be careful not to slip!!

3. Against the wall... Simple enough. This is so simple and an overlooked place. Just put your hands against the wall and let him enter from behind and get it on.

‍4. On the stairs...This is a fantastic place especially for those with a big height difference. Using the stairs, you can create the perfect angle you need. You need to be careful though so you don't slip down the staircase!

5. The kitchen counters... Now kitchens are used for eating right? So why not sit on the counter and let him have you for dessert! Next, you can let him stand behind you while you lean over the counter and get it on. Hopefully, he will remember to pull your hair but if not, just lean that head back as a reminder!

6. Living room floor...Of course, the wood will hurt and the carpet will as well. This isn't a big surprise. Rugburn or the pain from being on the wood definitely isn't fun but it surely is worth it in the end.

7. Against the window...If you are feeling adventurous, this is one of the best places you can use. This brings out your naughty adventurous side. Pull the curtains back and lean your body against the window. The feeling of getting caught will drive you wild. The adrenaline of someone possibly seeing you will be pumping. Although the likelihood of someone catching you in the act probably won't happen, it will definitely make for a great time.

8. On the hood of your car...Most have probably have made love in their car at some point. Yes, it can be very adventurous but try taking it to the next level and do it on top of the hood of the car. The nighttime is best or in the garage is best so you don't get in trouble for indecent exposure.

9. On the couch...Take this opportunity to be in control. Climb on top of him while he is sitting up and you can look him in the eyes and hold onto him closely.

10. The backyard...if you have a backyard that is fenced in or hard to view, then the possibilities are endless. Do you have a hammock, swingset, or deck? Use your imagination while under the sky and you have plenty of places to explore and use!

11. The middle of any room...This one can take some work. Run up to him and jump into his arms while he holds you. Kiss him and take things from there. Yes, it is much trickier than the movies make it but the worst thing that can happen is you will get a good laugh from it.