The Best Ghosting Responses To Send When You Have Been Dropped

Reasons Why A Guy Not Texting Back Could Mean He’s Not Interested

Although it would be desirable for emotional maturity to be a mandatory aspect of romantic relationships, it is unfortunately not the case. This implies that there are numerous individuals in the dating arena who seem to lack knowledge or concern about how to treat others. Thus, when you are dating someone you genuinely admire, and they realize that they do not share the same feelings, they are more likely to abandon you without any explanation rather than communicating it upfront. This is unjust and infuriating, and it's normal to feel the need to express your thoughts. Here are some of the best responses to send when someone ghosts you.

Should You Text Someone Who Ghosted You Or Let It Go?

In the dating world, it's often recommended to take the high road when someone wrongs you. If someone ghosts you and doesn't value you enough to have an honest conversation, it's unlikely they'll care about your response. Most people would suggest not saying anything and moving on, and that's fair advice. Sometimes, no response is the best response, particularly in the case of ghosting.

Although it's generally recommended to take the high road, sometimes you may not want to be the bigger person. You may want to send a snarky or scathing message to get things off your chest, even though you know they don't care. It may not be the most mature approach, but disappearing without a word isn't mature either. If you can't resist the urge, go ahead and indulge your inner petty side. Sometimes, we all need to let our inner petty out.

Best Ghosting Responses To Send When Someone Goes AWOL

1. "I thought Halloween was over months ago — isn't it a bit late for ghosts?"

Well well well, looks like I've struck out again! But hey, at least I'm consistent. Who needs a win when you can have a reliable losing streak, am I right?

2. "So, you're just going to disappear out of nowhere? BOO-ring!"

Once in a while, a good laugh can work wonders. Instead of fretting over his vanishing act, why not amuse yourself with your own wit and humor? Trust me, there's nothing quite like laughing at your own cleverness to ease your worries.

3. "You could have at least told me you weren't interested. Grow up"

No beating around the bush - one of the most effective responses to ghosting is to call out the behavior without resorting to lecturing or insults. It's a straightforward approach that may just make him see the error of his ways someday.

4. "I haven't heard from you for a while, but I'm guessing that's on purpose. Take care"

Consider this my farewell message - though I can't say it's a fond one. I'm well aware of being ghosted, and I won't be pursuing you any further. Take care.

5. "I'm looking to date someone who actually wants to talk to me. Since that doesn't seem to be you, I'm going to move on"

While it's true that they moved on first, if they're even remotely considering a comeback, they can save their effort. Going zombie on you is unnecessary.

6. "What's up with the silent treatment? If you're not feeling it anymore, just say so"

Let's be honest, this might not be the message that inspires them to become a decent human being. However, there's a certain satisfaction in calling out a jerk for their behavior.

7. "Let me guess, you lost your phone? Can't find your charger? Got abducted by aliens?"

This ghosting response has a carefree and lighthearted tone, making it clear that you see right through their bogus excuses. Because, let's face it, you're not about to let their ghosting antics bring you down.

8. "If I wanted to get ghosted, I would have gone to a haunted house"

While this response might be better suited for Halloween, it's still a solid option regardless of the occasion.

9. "Wow, stop texting me! I can't keep up with all your messages!"

Your response is nothing short of comedic genius! It's the kind of material that could earn you your own stand-up special.

10. "You'll be alone forever if this is how you treat people. Best of luck on that!"

Let's be real, you're not wishing for them to die alone. However, there's a certain satisfaction in pointing out the fact that they might end up that way if they continue with their ghosting behavior.

11. "I thought we had great chemistry but it's obvious you feel differently"

This message conveys a genuine sentiment that reflects your high hopes for the relationship and your disappointment that it didn't progress. It's unfortunate that honesty wasn't a part of the equation.

12. "I deserve to be a priority rather than an option. Thanks anyway"

Have faith in yourself and your worthiness, for you are truly remarkable. Insist on receiving the love, attention, and respect that you rightfully deserve. If someone cannot provide that, then it's time to say goodbye.

13. "Nice knowing you, Casper"

Although it may seem corny, there's nothing wrong with expressing your feelings. However, it's important to remember to block them immediately after sending the message.

14. "Is this your favorite emoji? 👻"

Haha, this is a timeless classic.

More Texts To Send When You've Been Ghosted

1. "Didn't realize I'd need an exorcist after dating you, but there seems to be a ghost in my phone"

Being sarcastic, of course, humor is invariably the solution. You'll feel fantastic knowing that you were able to remain composed.

2. "I was looking for a human partner, but I guess dating a ghost is an interesting alternative"

Well, at the very least, you'll have an interesting tale to recount.

3. "Your dating profile said you liked hiking, but you seem to like ghosting more"

Had they only included that information during your initial encounter...

4. "Just a tip: when you're not into someone, you should have the balls to tell them

"Remember that for the future." Your straightforward attitude is precisely why this is one of the most effective ways to respond to ghosting. Be honest and direct!

5. "I have a thick skin so I can deal with being ghosted, but that doesn't make it right"

It surely doesn't. They must be aware of that fact, don't they?

6. "I hope no one ever treats you the way you've treated me. On second thought, I take that back. Maybe then you'd know what it feels like"

Wishing ill upon others is not a pleasant thing to do, but how else will this person who ghosted you learn their lesson?

7. "It's such a shame you didn't realize what you had in me. Your loss!"

And it absolutely is.

8. "So, do you always ghost people or am I special?"

Naturally, you are unique and that's precisely why it's wonderful that you managed to escape from them without too much harm.

9. "I didn't know we were competing to see who could go longer without texting. Guess you won… but you lost me"

This is among the top responses to ghosting because it combines sarcasm with candor, making for a potent combination.

10. "No need to let me know you're not interested. I'm blocking you now"

Ensure that you actually carry it out!

11. "My time is valuable and I don't appreciate you wasting it"

You have more important things to do than expend your energy on a despicable person.

12. "I can't imagine why you're still single. Oh wait, I can. You're a loser"

These words have never been more accurate.

13. "It's such a shame that when you realize how amazing I am, I'll already be long gone"

One day, they will come to understand the gravity of their mistake. They will yearn for your presence but by then it will be too late, and they will have to live with that remorse.

14. "I thought I was a good judge of character, but after you, I'm having second thoughts about that"

Don't belittle yourself in such a manner! It's clear that they were deceptive and not who they portrayed themselves to be.

Things To Keep In Mind

1. It really isn't about you, so don't let the ghoster convince you it is

It's understandable to feel like you're at fault when you're ghosted. Perhaps you believe that if you had done something differently, the person would still be in contact. However, that's not the reality. You have already done everything right and are enough just as you are. The reason for the ghosting is about the other person and not a reflection of your worth or actions.

2. Being petty is fun in the moment, but don't get carried away

Although we've provided you with a set of messages to send to the person who vanished, some of which might seem petty, it's advisable to only send one and then let go. It's crucial to avoid obsessing or harassing them. You should maintain your dignity and self-esteem, recognizing when it's time to quit.

3. You can't let this experience change the way you date

An excellent way to respond to ghosting is by keeping an open heart when pursuing relationships and dating. It's crucial not to be fearful of being vulnerable and not anticipate that every individual will hurt you the way the person who ghosted you did. The ultimate revenge is to live your life to the fullest, irrespective of how things ended with the ghoster.

4. It really is their loss

Always keep in mind that you will find the right person for you, and never lose hope. The person who ghosted you wasn't the one meant for you, but that doesn't mean your perfect match isn't out there waiting for you.