The Best Choice I Ever Made Was To Marry My Step Dad

Social media can be a wild place where you encounter daily stories that make you wonder. In today's news, a woman shared that she discovered her soulmate in her stepfather, which has caused a lot of surprises on the internet.

This couple has become viral for slightly different reasons.

After their Las Vegas wedding, the newlywed bride Christy shared on TikTok the video of the passionate first kiss she had with her husband right after they were declared married to celebrate their union.

Next, the blushing bride disclosed that her new husband is rumored to be her stepfather.

"Marrying my stepdad was the best decision I've ever made," Christy, a mother of two from Tampa, Florida, proudly declares in the on-screen text of her viral video.

In the caption for the video, which has amassed an astonishing 18.8 million views, the thrilled sweetheart tagged the video with the awkward hashtag.


And, well, the woman may not have anticipated it, but the internet was not exactly supportive of her wedding.

"I don't think I can come up with a situation where this happens and there's no ick," a disgusted commenter wrote.

"There's 7 billion people in the world. Why?" asked another skeptic.

"He really went from 'dad' to 'daddy, 'didn't he," joked one spectator.

"There should never be a man that can say, That's not how your momma did it,'" said another disgusted viewer.

In addition, many people were simply intrigued by Christy's relationship with her own mother, who also coincidentally happens to be her husband's ex-wife.

"Am I the only [one] wondering how your mom is doing?" wrote a concerned viewer.

"Isn't mom included in 'Girl Code,'" Another person asked, alluding to the notion that a woman's former partner is always forbidden to her friends and family.

However, in a later video, Christy reassured her followers that her mother, who was purportedly seen in the background of the wedding video taking pictures of the joyful couple, fully supports their marriage.

"Was I 'groomed' [by my stepdad]? No," she wrote in the closed caption of the sequel post. "Did my stepdad raise me? No."

She continued, "Was I a minor when I met him? No."

"Do me and my mom still talk? Yes," Christy confirmed that her mother and stepfather didn't have any kids together during their marriage.