The Best And Worst Parts About Having Curly Hair

The Best And Worst Parts About Having Curly Hair

If you've been blessed (or cursed) with curly hair, you'll agree when we say that it is either your best friend for the day or your absolute nemesis. There isn't really an in-between.

As you'll know, there is a bit of an art to finding the perfect balance between a beautiful curl, a nice wave, or finding yourself stuck with a total frizz ball of hair.

Take a look at a few of the best and worst parts about having curly hair below.

The Best

New Hair Products Are Designed To Help

Though a rather formidable hair type, no one can argue that a flawlessly wavy hairstyle comes from those with carefully styled curly hair. With the help of new modern products for curly hair, like the Pump Curly Girl products, for example, we can rock soft waves with ease.

Added to this, more and more hair products that have been curated to us make styling our frizz-prone locks easier than ever, and this means versatility in our styles and a more dynamic list of styles that we can follow.

After A Shower It's Stunning

Depending on how curly your hair is, a shower and an air-dry can create some of the best looking curls out there, and that means all it takes to get an incredible curl is a nice, relaxing, and warm shower!

Of course, there is some effort in keeping the style going strong for hours on end, like making sure it's well hydrated, though there isn't any need for heat or styling beyond the simple air dry, and this makes life a lot easier, sometimes.

Every Hair Accessory Is Fitting

Another incredible thing about curly hair is that you can throw in basically any hair accessory, and it's going to look wonderful!

Try this out if you don't believe us, though the volume and texture of curls mean that whatever you're donning, from a band to a bow or even a tiara, is going to look well-suited when it's paired with a luscious curly head of hair.

The Worst

Hair Bands Are Hyper Disposable

Our straight-haired friends won't know too much about this, but the truth is that a hairband really will only last a few days when you have curly hair.

Whether you've used it once or twice, your hairband is going to look as though it's been trying to hold the most rigid material in the universe, and with that, just a couple of days' use out of a hairband is typical for curly hair.

A Ponytail Almost Never Works

Ask anyone with thick curly hair about their attempt to hold a high ponytail, and they'll tell you that there's simply no way.

A typical hairband is only going to keep that pony held high for a couple of hours at max. It'll have lost just about all its holding power within a few hours, and you're not going to get much use out of it for anything else either.

It Can't Be Styled

When we say our hair has a mind of its own, we're not too far off.

A curly head of hair is near impossible to style how we'd like, and with that, the emergency cap or beret might be needed at a second's notice in case of a tumbleweed emergency.

Whether you've dried it before bed or let your hair dry naturally, it's really a 50/50 that you're going to look like a majestic prince or princess or a sideshow attraction.

Getting It Straight Takes Hours

What might be one of the most painful parts of curly hair is changing it up at the last minute.

To go from those tight curls to a straight head of hair for an event or anything else can take two hours or more, and that can be deeply frustrating.

Of course, certain straighteners for curly hair and hair products may make the process a little less tedious. However, there isn't really a hack to getting your curls flattened with the hair iron in less time.

The Takeaway

With all of those pain points and positives out of the way, it is clear to see that our curly hair really is a hit or miss at times. However, always remember that natural curls are a blessing and can't be faked as easily as straight hair, so thank your genes!