The Best 13 Fun, Sexy And Daring Drinking Games For Couples

The Best 13 Fun, Sexy And Daring Drinking Games For Couples

Drinking games are always fun, regardless of the age of your relationship. These fun adventures always allow you to learn more about your partner and spice things up for a more passionate relationship.

So, these games might not exactly be a first date idea, but after you have known each other for some time, they can really add some fun to your relationship.

That said, these games are not off-limits for those not in romantic relationships. But yes, they are much better when played with your partner as they are fun, sexy, and daring.

I'll assume you already know fan favorites like Jenga, beer pong, card games, spin the bottle and others.

But we will look beyond these tame options for today or consider their kinkier, drunker, or more adventurous alternatives.

What We Mean By Fun, Sexy, And Daring

the best 13 fun, sexy and daring drinking games for couples

The games are split into three categories: fun, daring, and sexy. Fun games are for some innocent fun and intended for couples that might not be comfortable telling their deepest darkest secrets to each other.

The daring games are for couples that have known each other for a little longer and know that their bond can take the heat.

Finally, the sexy games are kinky, and nudity might be part of the deal, so you better make sure the relationship allows you to go all the way before trying this game.

The Rules

the best 13 fun, sexy and daring drinking games for couples

Before you start any game, sit down and discuss which limits you will work with.

The motivation for playing any game is fun, and nobody needs to feel uncomfortable. If stripping might be part of the game, make sure all players are up to the requirement.

If you find that a game has rules you don't like, you can make adjustments that accommodate everyone or do away with the game entirely.

And last, and this is very important, be sure to pace yourself since these are drinking games. Passing out in the middle of the game is definitely not part of the fun.

Fun Drinking Games

the best 13 fun, sexy and daring drinking games for couples

1. Drunken Artists

All you need is a pace to draw on, including a body part.

You should draw and your partner should guess what you are drawing and vice versa. But you also have to take a shot every 20 seconds.

In case your partner pretends not to know what you are drawing so you drink more, you can always return the favor when their turn comes.

2. Higher Or Lower/Red Or Black

The good thing about this game is that it can be played by big groups of people, and it can also be played by two people and still be lots of fun.

As long as you have a deck of cards and booze, you will be good to go.

In this game, the players guess if the card is red or black and if right, you guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the previous card.

The game keeps advancing in this version, with a switch between the black/red and higher/lower plays. For the wrong color, you take a shot, and for the wrong higher/lower, you take off an article of clothing.

3. Straight Face

In this game, the partners write funny and outrageous sentences on pieces of paper and then put them all in a bowl.

Then you should take a piece of paper at a time and read it out loud while keeping a straight face. If you smile or giggle or react, you take the shot.

Better have a sense of humor to make this fun.

4. TV Show/Movie Drinking Games

You just need to pick a show or movie and guess the predictable things that might happen. When they do, you take a shot.

You can pick a dirty movie so it sets the mood for an erotic drunken climax for the both of you.

5. Battle Shots

The good thing about this game is that you can buy one or make one yourself. To make one, draw a 7 by 7 grid on a paper and label the columns alphabetically and the rows numerically so that each box has a letter-number description such as A2 and B6.

Then place 'boats' by marking Xs on the grid, with three Xs for the battleship, two Xs for the destroyer, and one X for the submarine.

An X represents a shot.

Each person then takes a turn guessing the position of the opponent's battle shots, and whenever someone hits an X, you take a shot. The winner in this game is the person who sinks all the opponent's battle shots.

The loser has to down all the remaining shots.

Daring Drinking Games

the best 13 fun, sexy and daring drinking games for couples

1. Truth Or Dare Or Drink

This is a boozier version of the regular truth and dare game. If the person does not answer a question or respond to a dare, they drink.

It's a fun way to know someone and have lots of fun. As people get drunk, the answers get more forthcoming.

2. Dare Beer Pong

You will need alcohol, plastic cups, and ping pong balls.

In the shape of a triangle, place the cups filled with beer at the edge of the table. But under each cup, place a dare.

When your partner hits a cup, they have to drink the beer and then execute the dare.

3. Two Truths And A Lie

For this game, all you need is drinks and shot glasses. As the name suggests, you say three things, two of which are true and one of which is a lie.

The other player has to guess which is the truth, and if they are wrong, they take a shot. This is a great way to know each other.

4. Never Have I Ever

All you need here is to say something you have never done. If your partner is guilty of the same, they take a shot before giving the other person a turn to say something they have never done.

This helps you understand just how wild your partner is.

You can add to the fun by asking your partner to show how they did it.

Sexy Drinking Games

the best 13 fun, sexy and daring drinking games for couples

1. Naughty Jenga

You will need to buy this game, and each piece has a task written on it. The tasks are kinky and naughty, and if you can't do them, you take a drink.

The person who knocks the tower over takes two drinks.

2. Kinky Cards

This is not for the light drinkers, but it can be pretty fun for a couple.

You get a deck of cards and a piece of paper. On the paper, write different body parts (lips, butt, chest), each with something can do to it (kiss, spank, hug) and match them to the odd numbers on the cards.

The person playing has to draw a card, and if even, they take as many drinks as the card indicates. But if odd, they have to perform the action matching that suit the specified body part.

3. Striptease Dice

With dice and drinks, you can get this great game going. When you roll the dice and the number that comes up is even, you take a drink, but if odd, you strip.

You can even spice things up by assigning certain romantic acts to the numbers. For instance, 3 can mean you get a kiss and so forth.

4. Body Shots

This game requires a pair of dice, paper, a pen, and some liquor. You write down six body parts and number them on a piece of paper and also write six ways to take liquor off a body part such as licking and sucking.

After rolling the dice, one die determines the body part and the other the method of taking the shot.

Things can get really kinky if you use your imagination.

I hope you can't wait to try one of these games with your friends or lover. The possibilities to have fun, get naughty, and know each other are endless here, and all it takes (for some of these games) is just some booze.

No matter how daring or steamy the games get, make sure you also have fun by making sure every player is comfortable with the rules. Fun's the ultimate goal. Everything else is just a huge bonus.