Marriage is a beautiful thing but lately it has been getting a bad rep. People may no longer desire marriage due to the relationship they have witnessed between their parents or the belief that a person is “just not marriage material”.

Something that was once solely an economic arrangement is now based on love. How about that?

Marriage is even better when that other person is your best friend. There are so many benefits to marrying your best friend. Let’s get the word out so maybe we can make the number of marriages increase.

Unrestricted Conversations

Your best friend has been with you through thick and thin, so they know a lot about you. That type of relationship creates a trust that no one else can tap into. Only your best friend knows about the embarrassing act that you did when you had one too many drinks. They even know the true reason you “forgot” your dad’s Father’s Day card. Being able to have those tough conversations with someone we can trust is something that we can all use.

Inside Jokes

Ever invited your best friend over for Christmas dinner and only the two of you laughed when got her first glass of eggnog? That’s probably because you are remember her horrible rendition of Jingle Bells after having one too many glasses last year. You even have some inside jokes about some unrestricted conversations that you’ve shared. Either way, they will always be jokes that only the two of you will be able to laugh about.

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You Actually Enjoy Their Company

A relationship with your best friend is nothing like one shared with an annoying sibling. You know. The one who makes your stomach churn every time you see them. Instead, you adore you enjoy being around them so much that you find yourself smiling just because they are near you. Now tell me if that isn’t a good enough reason to marry your best friend. You certainly don’t want to marry someone you hate being around and risk a lifetime of misery.

It’s Easy to Squash the Beef

When you are married to your best friend, you do not hold grudges. You share the understanding that the power of your friendship is stronger than whatever you may have been feuding over. You don’t let a silly fight over who’s favorite sports team deter you from remembering all the rough patches your best friend help you get through.

You Can Be Open and Honest

You can be upfront with your best friend and expect the same in return. There is no need to sugar-coat something to spare each other’s feelings. Your best friend would not let you go out in those jeans that make you look fat or prevent you from making a fool of yourself because you are terrible at dancing. You know where each others hearts lie so you can handle each others truth.

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You Share Common Interests

Sharing common interests with your bestie can lead to much needed understanding during hard times. If you both share demanding careers, you understand the daily struggles that come with it. If you both enjoy trying new things, there will never be a dull moment during weekends or holidays. Being able to indulge in things you both enjoy will only bring you two closer together.

No Need to Explain Anything

Marrying your best friend means that you will always be understood. The two of you have communicated so often that you are very familiar with the way you do it. Despite what may have been said, they know what you meant.

Pulling Each Other Up is a Breeze

Your best friend has seen you through your good times and bad. They know what it take to get you feeling yourself again. Whether it’s a preparation of your favorite meal or being reminded of the bright side of the situation, you can count on your best friend to be the one who does it with ease.

Whether its the fear of divorce, falling out of love, or just the unknown, there is no need to fear marriage. I understand those situations can be scary. And who wants to go through any of that? As long as the person you are choosing to marry is your best friend, you will see that you were worried for nothing.