The Beauty And The Pain Of Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time

There’s no question when someone ‘fits’ you. There’s a love there unlike any other; it doesn’t come with speculation, only an intensity that overwhelms you in such a way that makes you question how something can be so consuming while you love every second of it.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean it is a love that should or will stay. You might be left wondering how it feels like you’re flying next to Cupid but also stuck in hellfire, or how you can feel so in love and so alone at the same time.

You and your soulmate may be written in the stars, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t crossed. Things don’t always fall into place, even if you know they are the only one you could ever love that way. Finding your ‘right’ person doesn’t always happen at the right time. Just like you fell together so effortlessly, sometimes you fall apart just as easily.

Though it doesn’t happen to everybody, it still can.

I do understand there are those who believe if it’s meant to be, it will be— ‘love overcomes’—or something like that. I also understand that sometimes you can throw yourself into it, praying and pushing through, until you’re black and blue. You find yourself picking up clumps of hair that fell out from stress like Hansel & Gretel followed a trail of bread. At some point, you might rather be dating bread.

If the situation isn’t right, you come to learn you may have been destined to fall in love, not stay together.

The relationship may fail, not because they were wrong for you, but you weren’t in the right place for it to happen. If you aren’t who you were meant to be when you met the person you were meant to be with, the relationship will crumble.

A similar situation will happen if your ‘right’ person isn’t ready to be ‘right.’
We all have excuses. We will always have a list ready to answer, “Why didn’t it work out?”

Do you know the truth underlying each one?

One or both of you were unable to be who you needed to be. Someone was falling short of meeting in the middle. Love requires compromises, understanding, ready to listen then try to bend, mold, and shape yourselves to the best of your ability in answer to any trouble.

The love that the heavens hold for you is only able to reach its capacity when you are ready to share yourselves completely. When you are both able to value each other’s emotions and desires, when you both can love the other as you love yourself, then you can act out what was written in those stars.

If that isn’t true, don’t be afraid to let things fall apart. Take the time needed to become the people you need to be so that you can love each other wholly. It is incredibly difficult, and I understand that as well as all who have been in your place do. Just because others click right away doesn’t mean you two have to. Don’t be afraid to love them from apart because what’s meant to be will be. You will find your way back to each other when you both are ready.