The Awesomeness Of Silence

The Awesomeness Of Silence

The world we're in today is so full of noise that you almost have no time to think nor act on your own. The noise is so intense that we're in constant reaction to what the world brings at us, sometimes without thinking straight. Here comes silence, calling unto us to enjoy its awesomeness. Silence has both therapeutic and emotional advantages.

It's quite amazing that some people prefer noise to silence. They'll say: 'I can't be in a silent place, I'm not dead yet." The issue with such people is that they equate silence with being alone and lonely. That does not have to be the case. When you know how beneficial silence is, you won't be able to satisfy your cravings for it.

Today, productivity and focus are cherished attributes. These rare skills are much more achievable in a quiet environment than in a noisy one. Sometimes you want to take a break from the difficulty and rowdiness of the environments we live in. You want to be alone with your thought to know the sanest next action. Things can get so bad that you begin to lose your sanity because of the things going on around you and are already dominating your mind.

In this article, I'll be sharing both the therapeutic and emotional importance of silence:

The Awesomeness Of Silence In Body Health

Silence reduces the risk of a heart attack. The experiences in our present world make an average man prone to a heart attack as a result of increased blood pressure. You should have a daily routine that helps you run away from everything else. You then close your eyes, take a deep breath, and stay with your thoughts.

A study has also proven that silence boosts the body's immune system. Constant noise and rowdy activities put your health at risk. Being silent, not just physically but also in your mind, reduces the number of things your mind has to focus on. This increases the odds of sound health.

Silence also reduces tension. The state of silence reduces the blood level of cortisol and adrenaline hormones which results in a state of calmness. According to a 2006 study, observing a two minutes silence relieves the body and brain of tension more than music.

Silence has no disadvantage to your physical health, but rather strengthens it.

Psychological And Emotional Benefits Of Silence

If you work for eight to ten hours a day and watch a film, play games, or chat with friends and relatives the rest of the day, you're heading towards a psychological breakdown or you're already experiencing it. You have to make a conscious choice to entertain silence and run away from the noise all around. This secures your sanity, helps focus on the needed things. Here are some ways silence helps you emotionally and psychologically.

Silence is an awesome way to ensure creativity: Arguably, creativity is one of the most cherished skills in the 21st century. One common thing about creative people is their love for silence. In a silent environment, you can get your thoughts up till you get the desired inspiration. You can't achieve this where you're distracted with conflicting thoughts and views.

Build emotional intelligence by practicing silence: Self-awareness, a major component of emotional intelligence, is built in a lone state. When you're comfortable in silence, you become self-aware of yourself and the world around you. In this state, knowing how to make an impact will be effortless. When you notice, you'll also know what to do.

Reflection is done silently: Whether you're a businessman, politician, teacher, engineer, doctor, or any profession you might belong to, after a long day, you should reflect on all of your activities. This is a deliberate practice that goes a long way in making you a better person. In a silent environment, reflection happens almost automatically.

Silence also affects your mental capacity, making you understand easily. Anything that needs to be done without distraction needs silence. If you're about to create a workplace a serene environment should be one of the things you're considering.

Tips To Embracing Silence

1. Strive to be a better listener and talk less: In a world of social media, everyone wants to air their emotions, but it pays to learn to keep silent and enjoy dealing with your thoughts. A habit alchemist once said, "you can never be in trouble for what you didn't say, only what you say can be used against you." Well, this is not the issue here, but learning to talk less takes away your input in the noise around.

2. Practice meditation: Meditation is not rocket science. Often, when people hear meditation, they think of monks. Meditation is just a state of calmness where you're alone with your thoughts, thereby helping you to focus on any object at a time. If you're struggling with meditation, there are classes you can take online or subscriptions you can access via payment. For example, you can sign up for a yoga class. This fast tracks your growth in silence.

3. A total change of environment might be your best option: There is always the right environment for whatever we desire. Same with silence. Some places are busy, for example, living close to main roads can drive you crazy. Once you change your environment or neighborhood, silence will be easier to maintain.

4. Learn to shut out distractions: We're in a world where an average man can have about 5-10 minutes of focus span. Often, social media is responsible for half of the reason for many people's distractions. Reducing or shutting it off will go a long way in helping you embrace silence.