The Attraction Between Empaths And Narcissists Makes Sense, But It's The Worst Ever

The Attraction Between Empaths And Narcissists Makes Sense, But It’s The Worst Ever

The attraction between empaths and narcissists is natural, palpable, and very obvious. Anyone can see that these two people need each other. And yet, the best thing the empath can do is walk away from this relationship before all hell breaks loose.

Empaths carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Narcissists, on the other hand, contribute more than their fair share of this burden.

An empath is hopelessly selfless, while a narcissist is irredeemably selfish. That makes them a perfect but ugly match.

Even with all the care and love they can offer, empaths are no match for the emotional black hole that is a narcissist.

Narcissists Are Twisted Characters Who Take And Take

On their part, with lots of compassion and good vibes, empaths know countless ways to make those around them feel better.

They give without holding anything back.

Maybe it could be better if all narcissists did was accept this goodness. But no, they have to destroy any good they see in people as a bonus.

They enjoy hurting others because that validates their huge egos and makes them feel better about their deep-seated insecurities.

Narcissists feed off the attention and emotional mirroring empaths can offer them, and empaths love doing that. That is why they so easily fall for narcissists.

Empaths think they can heal these individuals and make them normal. And they also don't give up easily, even when they suffer harm because of the relationships they have with these toxic personalities.

One Thing Is Certain With All Relationships With Narcissists: They Only Get Worse Over Time

A narcissist drains the victim until they have nothing more to give. Then they continue pouring their endless toxicity on them until they become shells of their former self.

The only way out is for the empath to realize that the relationship will get nowhere good and that the only solution is to leave while there is still a chance.

So, this is to you if you are an empath who thinks you can turn a narcissist into a normal person you can have a good relationship with: it can't be done, ever.

Get away while you still have a chance. Cut the cords that tie you together and be free. That's the best thing you could ever do to improve the relationship.

An empath and a narcissist go well together, but it's a journey towards hell. There is no happy ending for anyone here. That's the bitter immutable truth, take it or leave it.