The Art Of Not Giving A Crap: How To Not Care In 8 Steps

The Art Of Not Giving A Crap: How To Not Care In 8 Steps

Caring too much can become a troublesome trait to have.

We've all met that one person in our life who looks as if they don't care about anything. We usually envy their ability to make it seem as if everything just rolls right off them. The reason that they are able to do so, however, is solely based on what they have been taught in life. This means it is a simple matter of retraining your brain to think the same. There are some easy steps that can be taken so that you too, could not give a crap.


1. Judging

Remember that everyone will judge, and that includes you as well. Though people like to say that they do not judge for whatever reason, it is actually built into us genetically, something that is an imperative survival method. And judging is not actually the problem; the problem is judging without a basis for having to do so. Therefore, if someone is judging without a basis for it, it is quite literally their problem to deal with and not yours.


2. Believe

Stop believing that you are such an important person that people will be contemplating you at all. Remember, most people who are not as caring as you are will soon forget their interaction with you.

3. Honesty

Always be honest; it will never lead you astray. One of the problems of lying is that you become self-conscious, wondering what everyone will think once they find out the lie that you have told. Therefore, it is best to tread on the honest side of things, that way, there is absolutely nothing that you can end up being judged over.


4. Blame

Not everything that happens in life is your fault, which means that it is not your responsibility to keep the world spinning. Though you can keep working towards making the world better, it will not be possible to make it a fair place since we are only human.

5. Everyone Liking You

Think about what's the worst thing that could happen if someone didn't like you. Most of the time, it is not something that can be deemed as world-ending, and life will go on.


6. Others Opinion Of You

Tying back to number five, there will always be someone who doesn't like you, even if the reason doesn't make sense to you. Your worth cannot be solely based on what others think of you; therefore, you should not focus on making everyone like you.

7. Negativity

It is time to stop spending time with people who are always negative. The negativity that they portray will always end up rubbing off, lowering your mood and self-esteem. If you find that someone doesn't make you feel good, they are not worth the energy it takes to spend time with them.


8. Afraid To Say "No"

Don't be afraid to use the word no when you want to say no, it does not make you a bad person. Since energy and time are finite, it is best to prioritize those things that are the most important to you and skip anything that you do not feel right about.

The more that you work on retraining your brain, the easier it will be to begin worrying less about what others are thinking. Life is unfair, and it is impossible to appease everyone, but then again, it is not something that any individual should strive for. Work on standing up for yourself, building your own self-esteem, and it will be much easier to be the person that you have envied.