The Angriest Zodiac Signs Ever

The Angriest Zodiac Signs Ever

Anybody can get angry; nobody is denying that. But the angriest people lose their temper at the slightest provocation.

Do you think you might be among them? Here are the angriest zodiac signs, and you should avoid pissing them of if you can.

Aries – Anger Outbursts For Everyone

the angriest zodiac signs ever

If you are an Aries, you are, unfortunately, the angriest horoscope sign in existence. Usually, these folks are impulsive and aggressive, and they don't have the patience for anyone who gets in their way. Frustration comes easily to an Aries, which is why anger is usually simmering just beneath the surface.

An Aries is not one to cower when threatened. Therefore, when annoyances pop into their lives, which happens pretty regularly for aggressive people, they respond with anger.


However, even though Aries is very likely to get angry, they don't usually hold a grudge. They move on as soon as the incident is over, but in the heat of the moment, they will gladly tell you why you suck to your face for not agreeing with them. And this is not a favor they preserve just for those they know, but also strangers stuck with them in traffic or fellow diners at restaurants.

Virgo – Anger Mixed With Meanness

the angriest zodiac signs ever

Virgos have short fuses, and ruffling their feathers is the easiest thing ever. It doesn't take much to make a Virgo want to strangle you. Something as simple as disagreeing with them can piss them off. That's quite a difference compared to the peace-loving Libras, who will go to any lengths to accommodate every opinion.

In short, don't be a smart a** around a Virgo; they can't stand it. This generally makes Virgos among the meanest zodiac signs you will ever meet since their intolerance is expressed as vicious anger.

Another reason these folks might end up in anger management classes is that they have obsessive personalities peppered with too much anger. These guys like to do things a certain way, and if you are not ready to play along, you might meet with explosive anger.

For instance, try putting something where it doesn't belong, and you will face the full wrath of a Virgo.


Scorpio – Fierce, Assertive, And Often Violent

the angriest zodiac signs ever

With their fierceness and assertiveness, it should hardly be a surprise to anyone that Scorpios have well-known anger issues. They get very easily agitated when things don't go their way. Scorpios get angry to the point of getting very violent, so they are also among the most violent zodiac signs.

For this reason, many people find Scorpios to be quite evil. They can break things, scream, and even try to inflict harm. That is why you have to watch out when dealing with Scorpios because you can never predict how they will react when you do something to piss them off.

Leo – Showy Anger

the angriest zodiac signs ever

Leo is the most outspoken sign in astrology, and it also ranks as one of the most attractive horoscope signs. However, Leos are also among the most hot-tempered zodiac signs. With their loud intensity, Leo is also, unfortunately, among the scariest zodiac signs when angry.

The other issue is that petty things can easily piss off a Leo. So, it doesn't take much to upset a Leo. Even a small unintentional mistake can be blown way out of proportion and make a Leo extremely enraged.

And given their fondness for making things big and public, Leo's anger episodes can get pretty dramatic. That puts these folks among the people you should always avoid pissing off because you can bet that when they lose their temper, lots of people might know about it.

Another popular cause of frustration for Leo is the lack of attention. A Leo hates it when people don't pay close attention, and the frustration can reach a boiling point and turn into full-blown anger, and it's almost always very fierce.

Cancer – Anger Due To Extreme Emotions And Sensitivity

the angriest zodiac signs ever

You don't want to get into an argument with a Cancer. In addition to having a short fuse, they get extremely emotional. With their sensitivity, they get upset pretty easily.


What makes the anger issues Cancers have so persistent is their pessimistic outlook on life. They can also get pretty suspicious of people who piss them off, which often turns small issues into huge arguments full of drama and tantrums.

If you often get angry texts over minor issues from your friends, the chances are that they are Cancers. These folks aren't even above posting angry messages on social media for all the world to see.

What's even trickier is that Cancers can get angry over things they have made up or imagined themselves. They can also hold grudges and will often get upset over things that happened long in the past.

It's hard to be around someone who has a reputation for quick anger. You have to walk on eggshells around such people, and it doesn't always work out. That will likely be your experience when dealing with these 5 zodiac signs considering their high likelihood of anger.

Experts agree that these are the angriest zodiac signs you will ever meet, and their personality traits totally support this theory.

If you are among them, try to watch your temper before destroying important relationships or getting into trouble.

While nobody says you should bottle your feelings, you should definitely try to express your negative emotions in a healthier manner.