The '90s House At Its Best - Let The Nostalgia Set In

the ’90s house at its best – let the nostalgia set in

It takes hands to build a house, and we can't deny it. But on the other side, only hearts can build a home.

Home. What a wonderful word to say.

It's funny how this small word means a house, an apartment, a place we live in. And whenever we say it, we don't think of anything material at all.

Everything that comes to our mind is the feeling of home. The feeling of comfort and being comfortable with yourself, feeling secure.

And of course, a house would never be a home if the owners don't polish it up a bit and personalize it by their personal preferences.

Prepare for a major throwback.

Let's walk through this '90s Michigan house together and feel the nostalgia nesting around our hearts.

Buckle up. The '90s are waiting for you.

'90s House With A View

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

This Michigan house was built right next to Cass Lake in Waterford, Michigan. And one could just imagine the view from inside the house.

The ultimate goal when architects create properties must be to frame the most appealing views that exist in the near surroundings. A green alley, a home garden with fountains and sculptures, a riverside, a lake or a sea - you name it. It all counts.

The Representative Entrance

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

The front facade and the entrance, in general, are some of the most important things for a house. Besides the good foundation, it's not a secret that the house needs to be polished off from all around.

And when all is finished nice and good, the entrance remains one of the most representative corners from the exterior. It's the first thing that catches your curious eyes when you enter a property.

Here in this house, we have a small roof that extends from the front door across the driveway. This way, it makes the whole area feel more like an extravagant entrance to a hotel than a house.

Moreover, the plain-featured color is not chosen by accident. On the contrary, it's a very wise move that makes the whole landscape around the house pop.

A Foyer In Pastel Blue

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

The '90s were all about pastels. Do you remember our silent obsession with pastel blue?

It was all around us - make-up (how could one forget the blue and glittery eyeshadow?!), clothes, furniture, everything and everywhere.

Once you enter the front door of this Michigan house, you feel how the '90s vibe expands in an instant. The whole foyer area is painted powder blue.

And to break the monotonous one-color feeling, there are small details in pink that give a new dimension to the whole space.

Fuchsia Carpet Was Avant-Garde

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

Besides baby blue, fuchsia was a sizzling fashion trend too. And every hot pink shade was just IN. We were crazy for these bold colors, and of course, implementing them in almost every interior design was a must.

There is a roomy living area behind the foyer. And the thing that accentuates the room is not the round sofa but the large fuchsia carpet.

And we're aware how pairing pink and blue might not be the most fashionable thing to do these days, but take a look at this room. It seems like it was born to have these two colors.


Tray Ceiling In Black And Blue

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

Two-story windows are still something that designers like to include, especially when it comes to projecting mansion-looking houses that need a luxurious kick.

But what would the windows look like if there isn't a proper ceiling?

The ceiling is the final touch in a single room, and let me remind you that tray ceilings never actually got out of style.

Oh yes, it's blue. Powder blue to match the walls and the foyer.

Dining Room From Outer Space

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

When you walk through the dining room, you have the feeling that you got into a sci-fi movie just for a second.

There's something in the shape of those black chairs. At first glance, they might look like pointy fingers, but they lift the interior to a whole new level.

In The '90s House Kitchen, Curves Were Always In

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

The '90s nostalgia gets real when you see the kitchen in this Michigan house.

If there is one thing for this era that should be mentioned as something that marks the design principles, it would be the shapes. And not being afraid to use as many of them as we liked.

Curves, curves, curves.

Everywhere we needed them. Especially in the kitchen, for using the maximum of space, every bit and every corner.

Shiny Cabinets And Leather Bar Stools

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

Everything looks better with proper natural lighting.

And even the outdated bar stools don't look that bad, surrounded by the shiny kitchen cabinets and the teardrop-looking bar surface.

However, the kitchen has some amazing corners, like the double-door fridge, the oven area, and the sink placed under a large window. As we said, catching the most incredible views should be a must. And this house prooves it.

Hot Pink And Black Was A Fantastic Combo

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

Next to the kitchen, there is a small brunch area where another color combination rises from the ashes: black and hot pink.

These two colors were like made one for another back in the '90s. And we saw them in a lot of houses as well.

Let The '90s Entertain You

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

If you think that you saw enough, brace yourselves.

Because the best is yet to come.


Take a look at the game room. These entertainment common rooms were very popular. And to be honest - they will never go out of style.

An L-shaped sofa that occupies one-third of the whole room, a coffee table, and a TV are all you need to make this room complete. But as usual, God is in the small details that spice up the whole picture.

The two glossy pillars painted in black did their job well.

Nostalgia Will Surely Kick In When You See The Media Room

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

If you think that the game room was enough to keep the kids occupied while you enjoy the wine and dine therapy with friends - well, you were wrong.

But on the other side, just imagine how much fun would be to have your own media room? Home cinema on the very next corner of the hallway, always at your service.

Although the interior here follows the strict pattern of combining black and hot pink, we don't even mind it. At all.

A home cinema, some of us would die for it.

The '90s Basement, Modern And Most Importantly - Finished

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

When someone mentions the basement, the first thing that comes in front of your eyes is - a mess.

A chaotic room that hides all family treasures like pans we don't use anymore, boxes full of books, magazines, and little somethings.

But then again, take a look at the basement this house has, and you'll get a whole new impression about the use of the basement.

A chrome pool table with hot pink details, an extra-large bar with colorful bar stools, a kitchen with white and shiny cabinets. Indeed, it's like the basement of our dreams!

The Second '90s Kitchen

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

In case you missed it, this basement holds a second kitchen.

One full-blown second kitchen!

Instead of using the old kitchen appliances, this second kitchen has a brand new oven, a microwave, a washing machine, and everything else you need for your kitchen.

Indoor Pool? Cool!

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

There is a door in the basement that leads to the indoor swimming pool.

It kind of looks like a children's playhouse, but we'll live.

Note to self: be careful with the overuse of pastel colors.

Reflective Tiles Were A Thing

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

Another thing that is worth to be mentioned as a symbol to all interior designs of the '90s would be the tiles.

Tiles were everywhere. And here, in the indoor pool room, we have them on the ceiling. But these are not some regular shiny white tiles.

They are reflective!


And just imagine the view while you're in the pool. Fantastic.

The Flamboyant Hallway From Your Dreams

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

Hallways are the bridges that connect all areas of the house. Duh. We all know this!

On the other side, we all know how hallways can be plain and colorless sometimes. This is not the case with the hallway in this Michigan house.

It's full of life, with its hot pink velvet carpets and sci-fi lounge chairs.

Just wait to see the bedrooms. Indeed, the best part is coming.

Master Bedroom From Barbie's World

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

Meet the third pastel color that joins the bedrooms - purple.

The soft purple tones give peace and harmony. And everything we need for pleasant dreams is exactly this, right?

So, this is a sneak peek of the master bedroom that looks like it was cut from Barbie's world.

Obsolete Furniture And Details

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

Although the furniture around the enormous bed doesn't seem to be making a comeback anytime soon, we must admit that the pieces did their job.

Pastels look fantastic when they're combined with massive wood. And at second glance, these cabinetries don't look bad at all.

Speckled Design In The Master Bathroom

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

The master bathroom is simple.

One thing is for sure - the specked design was an ultimate hit during the '90s! This was only the beginning of the marble pattern expansion.

Twenty years later, and nothing has changed.

Except for the fact that we don't like the white and shiny cabinets anymore.

Beware Of The '90s Spare Room

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

If you thought that the basement is the spare room of the house, then this Michigan '90s house is here to teach you something you might have missed.

Meet the '90s spare room!

Besides the home office layout, here you can find many things that didn't fit in the other rooms, so the owners put them here.

This is the moment when you'll realize that no matter how much money we have, we'll always be people, and we'll always need that one spare room to store the things we don't feel ready to throw out. Yet.

We Liked Chrome Back Then Too

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

The elegant bathroom doesn't give the impression of an outdated interior.

The only thing that screams that it comes from the '90s is the translucent glass tiles on the window behind the mirror. They are dreamy. We must admit that they've done an amazing job.

And yes, chrome was IN back then too. The sink, the mirror, the cabinets, they're all shiny and new.

The '90s Guest Room At Your Service

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

What would be a mansion-looking house without a guest room?

Compared to the rest of the house, this guest bedroom seems modest and ordinary. However, the details are here - carpet in hot pink, colorful sheets that accentuate the purpose of this room, the shiny furniture pieces in black. It's all here.

When In Doubt, Paint It Pink

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

If you're not sure which color you need to choose then paint it pink!

This could be the mantra of a '90s designer. Because yes, you see it too. The retro look of the guest bathroom has it all. And it comes in pink.

The walls are painted in thick white and pink stripes, and the details such as towels and utensils are picked in different and bolder shades of pink.

Contrast is key.

Bubblegum Laundry

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

Despite that the laundry room is painted in subtle bubblegum pink, it has to offer something different.

Believe it or not, the shiny cabinets are gone. And this room would be the only exception from the whole house that doesn't have them.

Instead of glossiness, everything here is smooth and matte.

Don't Forget The Rear View

The ’90s House At Its Best – Let The Nostalgia Set In

And last but not least, if you thought that rear view is called rear for a reason, you've got it all wrong.

The rear view of this house is stunning!

It shows the importance of the windows too. Here, on the back facade, we see how they all are fitted into one compact and symmetrical pattern.

Here is the green garden, enriched with different shades of green. And the elegant stone pathway gives the exact kick this area needs.

The owners have built this house back in 1996. Also, there is no doubt that they had a vision.

But not only vision, but they also planted many details that represent themselves as people. The small details, the carefully picked colors, the variety of shapes, bold furniture. It's all part of who we are, whether we like it or not.

Another interesting thing about this incredible Michigan house with a strong '90s vibe is that the waterfront property was valued at $1.8 million.

Moreover, it was listed for $800,000 because of the amount of money one would need to modernize it.

Would you live in a house like this?