The 8 Most Serious Issues Every Sensitive Over-Thinker Struggles With

The 8 Most Serious Issues Every Sensitive Over-thinker Struggles With

Some people overthink everything, and no detail gets past them. I suppose that is useful in some cases. But overthinking can be a problem when everything in life is overanalyzed.

Usually, these people have kind hearts as well. But again, their overthinking makes life a little hard for them when it comes to relationships. Deep down, they are nervous, and that clouds their mental processes. They second-guess themselves and what goes on in their lives constantly.

These people struggle through a lot of issues, and here are the eight most common problems they deal with.

1. They Place Entirely Too Much Value In The Opinion Of Others

Overthinking people tend to put too much value on what other people think. This comes out of a desire to give their best. When they cannot do that, they end up wallowing in self-doubt.

2. They Give Up Easily

Before an overthinker even begins, he/she might have already given up. They take too much time trying to see how things might turn out that they easily convince themselves that success is not a possibility. They are especially averse to anything that might hurt them in one way or another.

3. They See Hidden Agendas Behind The Actions People Take

Overthinkers are always trying to see the hidden agenda someone has when doing or saying something. They might place a lot of weight in a word someone said and make countless conclusions from it as they try to understand the hidden meaning behind it. This obsession can even drive them crazy.

4. They Constantly Need To Love And Be Loved

For these people, life revolves around love. They like giving it as much as they enjoy receiving it. They have a desire to feel respected and liked, and it's because their fragile hearts need love and affection. But the downside is that these people will obsess over getting hurt by other people. The only way out is to play it safe and avoid relationships, which kills them on the inside because they desire nothing more than to love and be loved.

5. They See Extremes

Moderation is not something overthinkers can have. It is either good or bad, black or white – there is no middle ground for them. They can either hate or love, be happy or be sad.

6. They Find It Hard To Live In The Moment

Because these people are overly analytical, they have no time to live in the moment as they are obsessed about what might happen in the future in case they make a certain decision today. They also tend to have a lot of regrets about the past. All this makes it harder for them to enjoy what is currently happening in their lives.

7. They Have Unhealthy Sleeping Habits

For these people, many nights are spent tossing and turning in their beds. That is because thoughts about various things overwhelm them and make sleep elusive. This can have a serious negative impact on their health, and they might have to enlist the help of a professional to treat the problem.

8. They Can Be More Than Some People Can Handle

Some people cannot stand being with people who constantly doubt their intentions. Overthinking tendencies can be harmful as they can make other people too self-conscious and irritated since they have to answer too many annoying questions all the time.

Sensitive overthinkers have a place in our lives. They have special traits we can benefit from, even though being with them can get a little exhausting.

You should understand these people because they have higher emotional intelligence than average people, and they like deep and sincere friendships.

What they possess is both a blessing and a curse. And let's be honest - in our ways, we all have something about us we can describe in that manner.