The 6 Dumbest Zodiac Signs Ranked

The 6 Dumbest Zodiac Signs Ranked

Have you ever stopped to think about what the dumbest zodiac signs might be? Several people have, and today, you will see what astrologers have to say about it.

But don't shoot the messenger if you find your zodiac sign on this list. Even if you find your star sign here, I'm sure you are the exception. Besides, every zodiac sign has its best and worst traits.

For instance, some of these zodiac signs are among the happiest, and others are among the kindest in the astrology world, or quite simply, the funniest zodiac signs in the world.

The Dumbest Zodiac Signs

Here are the dumbest zodiac signs, based on what astrologers have to say.

1. Cancer (Jun 22–Jul 22)

the 6 dumbest zodiac signs ranked

Cancers take this unflattering position on the list because of their hypersensitivity. Overreacting to things is the reason they are not known for making very intelligent and logical decisions.

These guys will make decisions and react before they have all the facts because they follow their emotions and not facts or knowledge. On the plus side, they also take the lead position among the happiest zodiac signs.

And also, experts insist that cancers have amazing instincts and great emotional memory. In fact, they rank very well on the list of the most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs.

However, the fact that they judge everything emotionally denies them the objectivity exhibited by the most intellectual zodiac signs in existence.

2. Sagittarius (Nov 22–Dec 21)

the 6 dumbest zodiac signs ranked

Usually, people under this zodiac sign are considered a little self-absorbed. Ironically, they also tend to be a little indecisive, and they have been known to have poor showing when it comes to standing up for themselves.

These attributes have made them seem less intelligent. But they have one thing going for them, though–they are pretty good at seeing the "bigger picture." Nevertheless, they are usually at a loss to figure out the details, which is why they take this position on this list.

Luckily, Sagittariuses are also among the most adventurous zodiac signs ever.

3. Aries (Sep 23–Oct 23)

the 6 dumbest zodiac signs ranked

As far as intelligence goes, Aries is something of a mystery. This zodiac sign demonstrates both intelligence and dumbness.

Their innocence makes them cute, and their inability to take things seriously makes them seem like they are fun. However, the truth is that they lack the emotional intelligence to understand others, which is why they are always taking it easy.

Although Arieses can seem exciting and eccentric because of their impulsiveness, these guys also lack proper judgment. Bad decisions and terrible conclusions, therefore, tend to follow them wherever they go.

Still, this is one of the prettiest zodiac signs, which means they are quite popular despite their shortcoming, similar to others on this list of the dumbest signs of the zodiac.

4. Libra (Sep 23–Oct 23)

the 6 dumbest zodiac signs ranked

A Libra can seem intelligent, but usually, that's limited to their ability to manipulate other people, all thanks to their natural ability to understand people's emotions. A Libra desires perfection, and they can go to dumb lengths to get it.

That is why Libras can always benefit from bad situations while everyone is too caught up to see the "silver lining."

However, Libras are known for their ability to balance situations and resolve arguments, although they might use sneaky techniques to create peace.

But indecision often makes them seem less intelligent. They never want to make a bad decision, being perfectionists and all. And if they do, they might regret it for a while.

5. Leo (Jul 23–Aug 22)

the 6 dumbest zodiac signs ranked

Leos are over-the-top and egocentric, and they go to extreme lengths to win everyone over. This latter trait is what earns them a place on this list.

A Leo will try to be anything they can just to get admiration and attention, and that often means doing a lot of dumb things, which explains why Leos have a place in the dumbest zodiac signs list.

The upside is that they are known to take setbacks in their stride and learn from these experiences. However, even over time, this experience does not rid them of their childishness, and they still do dumb things all the time. Hence it is no wonder they are one of the most hated zodiac signs and among the most jealous zodiac signs.

Fortunately, the attention they get is worth it as far as they are concerned. Luckily for them, their remarkable confidence and boundless enthusiasm help them convince others that they actually possess lots of intelligence and knowledge. This is also the reason they are among the hottest zodiac signs in bed.

6. Taurus (Apr 21–May 21)

the 6 dumbest zodiac signs ranked

Unfortunately, Tauruses have been described as self-centered and foolish, and their handling of personal rejection might have a lot to do with it. When rejected, a Taurus can take it very, very personally.

A slight setback can derail their lives completely, and it can be annoying for their friends because this overreaction makes little sense to most people. They can also seem very confused and unhinged, and that does not exactly help their reputation as far as intelligence goes.

Also, while a Taurus can clearly understand well-explained ideas, they often lack imagination and abstract thought. That explains why Taurus is among the dumbest zodiac signs, according to experts.

If there is one thing, you should learn from all this. Every star sign is unique in its own way. That means we also have a list of the smartest zodiac signs as well as a list of the worst zodiac signs or the craziest zodiac signs in astrology.

Similarly, some zodiac signs are more powerful than others, while others ooze that something we all desire, making them the coolest zodiac signs ever.

So, although you might find yourself on the list of the dumbest zodiac signs, it does not mean you don't have good qualities. And in the end, that's what really matters, not that you are among the dumbest zodiac signs.