The 5 Differences In The Way Men And Women Experience Falling In Love

Men and women enter into romantic relationships for a variety of reasons. While love is the glue that holds most relationships together, men and women experience it in very different ways. For example, women tend to be more cautious, while men tend to fall in love pretty easily.

Here are 5 differences in the way men and women experience falling in love:

1. Women rely on intellect while men are influenced by what they see

While it’s true that women are more emotional, they also tend to rely on reason when evaluating relationships. It is possible for a woman to start falling in love with someone she wasn’t necessarily attracted to at first. She changes her opinion of the man as she gets to know him more. A man, on the other hand, needs to be attracted to a woman before he can decide if he wants to know her.

2. Women analyze more while men tend to be more impulsive

When a man feels something, he is likely to act impulsively. This is not the case for most women. Women are more cautious and want to be certain about the longevity of the relationship before they can make any decisions. It is normal for a man to jump into a relationship as soon as he feels a hint of a connection. Unlike a woman, he will not wait until he knows for sure that he and the woman are on the same page.

3. Women focus more on feelings while men focus on passion

While a woman worries more about the emotional stability of the relationship, a man tends to be focused on things to do with passion. However, that is not to say that a man’s feelings are less intense than those of a woman. A study of adolescent boys and girls showed boys attracted to girls tend to fall in love within a shorter timeframe than girls who are attracted to boys. At the same time, an adolescent male falls in love more often. That means that he is likely to move from one relationship to the next and on and on. Girls attracted to boys, on the other hand, are likely to fall in love less often and fixate on a much smaller circle of boys.

4. Women tend to say the phrase “I love you” more frequently than men

Although men are more likely to say these words first, once the relationship is in place, women will say the words more often. For most women, saying that phrase is one of their favorite romantic acts. For men, that is not necessarily the case. These words communicate a commitment to a relationship. They also assure women that the relationship has a future.

5. Women take longer than men to fall in love

A woman will assess her feelings based on various factors and not just on physical attraction. This is why it will take longer for her to grow into a relationship with a potential partner. This is contrary to the misconception that has been spread by movies and TV programs that almost always show women falling in love first. One possible explanation for this would be the fact that men tend to have more options in terms of potential partners.