The 36 Unwritten Rules Of Girl Code All Women Need To Live By

the 36 unwritten rules of girl code all women need to live by

Good friends are like wine - the older they get, the better your friendship tastes. Everything you want to do is, savor every bit of the taste and appreciate it as long as you can.

To have an honest and reliable friend in times like these is something worth cherishing for sure.

However, there are some things that only a certain amount of people can understand. And rumor has it that whenever there are women, there are codes, secret keywords, and patterns involved. Of course, these things are something that only girls can understand between them.


So, don't get me wrong, but girl code is a real thing.

Wondering if there would be a need to be a master in coding to break the girl code? Well, no and yes.

The girl code is a whole new world that bears most of the unwritten rules for female friendships. A secret girl language that gives small hints whether something is good or bad, or to signal the red alarm as a cry for help when your best friend needs you in an instant.


Indeed, this is something that can help deepen your bond with your best friends, and here are some of them - deciphered and explained.

#1 Always Show Your Friends That You Appreciate Them

Friendships are relationships that are almost similar to every other bond you have with family. Some friends are even valuable like they are part of the family.

It won't hurt if you show that you care. On the contrary, your bond could benefit and deepen.


#2 Be The Amazing Photographer You Wish You Had

Who doesn't want a killer photo for the Instagram feed?

This is a frustrating phenomenon that lately circulates between us. You put an effort to strike the perfect pose of every person that asks you to take a picture of them, but when you ask for the same - you get the worst pictures in the world.

It's like a curse - the more you try to pull out a perfect photo, your worst nightmare will come back at you when you ask for the same favor.


So, let's break this curse once and for all by following this unwritten rule.

#3 Tell A Girl Her Outfit Has A Malfunction Or If It Looks Bad

Most of the girls are freaks for shopping. When you buy something new and fancy, it just feels so darn good.

But we spilled the tea, so let's be honest: sometimes, we buy things that we didn't even try on, and we have no idea how they would look on us.

There are times when that little black dress looks like it was made for our body, and sometimes, it just doesn't fit. Either too small or big, it could even require a special type of underwear beneath.


This is the time when you need to be the voice of reason for your BFF and share your honest opinion. There's no need to be rude or judgy, just be prudent and honest.

#4 Always Check-In On Your Friend While They're On A First Date

First dates and all those feels. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

But if we're talking about a Tinder date or a person that your friend met on social media in general, you need to be cautious.

Do your regular check-ups via messages, but don't be annoying. Just have your eyes wide open and be on the go if your friend asks you for a quick intervention to get away from a disastrous date.


#5 If You Arrive Together, You Leave Together

Don't ditch your friends. Never.

Especially not if you arrived together earlier before. Leaving a friend alone is rude. Just try and picture yourself in your friend's shoes and take a moment to understand how you would feel if the same happened to you.

It's not the most pleasant thing in the world, right? Well, point taken.

#6 Boost Every Woman's Confidence

There is a quote that says:

"No matter where you are in life, inspire and empower the women around you. Success is never reached alone. And, wisdom and wealth are sweeter shared."


The same goes for compliments. Splurge them! Compliments are free, and oh, they can brighten up a woman's day in an instant! Especially if they come from another woman.

Instead of bearing envy thoughts, let's help each other grow and boost our confidence for a change.

#7 Rescue Any Girl You See Being Annoyed By A Creepy Guy

When a girl feels uncomfortable in a guy's company, it shows.

And annoying or pushy guys should and always will ring the red alarm in the head of your friends.


You shouldn't be mad if the girl that tries to save your day is unknown to you. Whoever reads the sign and decides to offer you a hand - accept it and say thanks.

Don't ever let a girl experience the company of creepy and pushy guys. We're all in this together, so let's help each other!

#8 Help Your Girl Send Angry Texts To Her Man

Yes, we're aware that angry texts could sound childish. But then again, sometimes our men know to push the right buttons.


And when these things occur, a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do - the angry texts get on stage and grab the mic.

It feels even better when your girls are around you and offer you advice on how to give him a lesson through an angry text.

#9 Tell A Girl If Her Man Is Cheating On Her

Although this is the #1 rule of the girl code universe, it can and will be the hardest pill to swallow.

But don't worry. If your friendship is sincere, your friend will be thankful to you in the end. Just be honest and don't let your friend stay too long in the dark. Nobody deserves to have a disloyal boyfriend around them.


#10 Always Take Her Side… Regardless Of Who She's Up Against

We don't need to agree with our friends 100% of the time. That's fake and unnatural.

But don't let them feel insecure or hurt when they fight their battles, and always take their side. Be truthful and share your opinion, just give them some support.

Believe it or not, to know that you have someone standing behind you feels like the problem is half solved.

#11 If Your BFF's Torn About Getting Something They Deserve, Give Her Guidance

Every woman deserves to have the world served on her palm! And if we're talking about one of your favorite women in the world, then you know the drill.


We live in a stressful environment and the little self-care rituals should be more than welcome.

Encourage your best friends to treat themselves. They deserve it!

#12 Assist In The Changing Room At All Times When Shopping

Who wouldn't appreciate another perspective when trying new clothes?

Two heads are always better than one. And just like Placebo sang in their song - a friend that offers to solve all your fashion dilemmas is a friend indeed.


Oh, wait…was it something else?

Who even cares? The highlight of this code is to always be that friend for your favorite woman.

#13 Never Let Your Girlfriend Go To The Washroom Alone In Public

Nobody knows why girls go to the restroom in groups.

Maybe it's time to break this secret code and make things easier for all those suspicious souls out there.

No, we don't do it on purpose. And yes, you'll never know when your BFF would need some back-up or a pep-talk. To be honest, some of the best and deepest conversations happen when the best friends are waiting for their turn in a public washroom.


It might not be the best place for that but surely strikes all the feels for a long and sincere convo.

#14 If You Have An Extra Tampon, Help A Sister Out

When aunt Flo comes to town, things know to get messy. And if she appears at a sudden and finds you unprepared, without any pads or tampons in your bag - you'd like your best friends to help you out, right?

Do the same for them too!

#15 Don't Let A Girl Walk Into A Stall Without Toilet Paper

Since we started spilling the tea since rule no.1, let's keep it up and reveal the truth.


We've all been there. Walking into a stall, doing our business, and then the ultimate shocking plot twist: no toilet paper.

Zero. Nill. Nada.

Can you sense the panic attack approaching you step by step?

Don't let this happen to you or any of your best friends. Life is already too stressful enough without this unfortunate circumstance (which is more than possible to happen at some point). You don't need it at all.


#16 Always Seek Permission Before Hitting On Your Friend's Relatives

Don't even think of making a move before you talk with your friend.

After all, isn't this a situation where ovaries always come before brovaries?

#17 Always Be There When Your Friend Needs You After A Break-Up

Not all breakups are butterflies and sparks that announce the ending of something that wasn't right anymore.

Some breakups are ugly. Heartbreaking, tear-jerking, soul empty ugly.

Sometimes you don't even need to give advice or talk that much. Just be there and offer your support. In situations like this, having a crying shoulder and support from a friend is more than welcome.


#18 If Your Best Friend Has A Reason To Hate Someone, So Do You

This might sound childish, but let's dive in deeper.

When you can't stand someone, you avoid every possible contact with that person, and you just ignore them. How would you feel if your best friend is all hugs and kisses with someone who hurt you in the past or did something that betrayed you?

Yes, although it may feel like a childish thing, it's not. Keeping a healthy distance from people that bring negativity to your group seems just the right thing to do.


Not every friendship in the making needs to be cherished, everything is up to you.

#19 Do Your BFF's Parents Proud And Protect Her

Taking care and being protective is good for your friendship on so many levels.

And if the parents notice this - congratulations, you're now part of the family because all doors are open to those who show love and affection.

#20 Never Abandon A Drunk Friend

A drunk friend is like a baby kitten left out on the streets. The survival mode doesn't exist in the circumstances like these because drunk people are anything but able to control themselves.


To be honest, some of them can barely stand on their feet.

Think again about whether it would be a good idea to do your thing and leave a drunk friend alone.

#21 Wait Until Your Friend Is In Their House Before You Drive Away

No matter if you are the designated driver of the night or not, it won't hurt if you keep an eye on friends.

We live in a cruel and a bit dangerous society where you can't be sure if you are safe enough to wander around alone in the middle of the night. So, wait in front of the house for a little just in case.


Safety always comes first. And best friends are here to keep an eye on things when necessary.

#22 Continually Insult Your Bestie To Remind Her You Love Her

Yes, yes, you've heard this before: nobody wants and needs to hear insults.

But think again - is she your best friend for real if you don't use the B-word from time to time? Is your friendship genuine if you don't feel the freedom to use insults that can't insult both of you?

They're not real. They're just here to make a point and emphasize a point.


#23 Defend Your Friends In Their Absence

Hypocrisy is far from welcome among the gates of the Holy Friendship.

It's the first thing you need to forget and leave behind when you're around valuable people. And not just when you're with them, but also when they're not around to share their opinion and take a side in a discussion.

Remember: we never start the fire. Not by any case if there are involved some of our closest friends.


#24 Be A Good Wingwoman

Be the female version of Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson.

Ok, ok, stay calm. You can drop the lousy humor and the out-of-date catch-phrases for sure.

Nobody needs to hear your legendary true stories that never happened before, but every woman needs a wing-woman, especially when there is a hotty alert that looks perfect for one of you two.

#25 Always Keep Their Secrets Safe

It's true what they say - a genuine friend is someone you can trust not with all your heart, but with your secrets.


Don't be that friend who can't keep their mouth shut. Never.

Respect your closest friends and keep their secret safe, locked in a room somewhere deep in your mind. A secret is called a secret with a reason. Nobody needs to know them besides you.

#26 If You Suspect That Another Woman Is Hanging Around Your Friend's Man, Tell Your Friend

You know how some people claim that energy never lies, right?

Well, the same goes for intuition. It's like knowing something without knowing it. You have to feel it to know how to describe it properly.


And believe it, when the small voice in your head encouraged by your intuition starts talking to you, then be aware: it's not a false alarm.

If there's something fishy between a woman that messes around your friend's man, don't hesitate - share your thoughts with your girl.

#27 If Someone Breaks Your Friend's Heart, Kill Them

Whatever comes to your mind, don't commit a crime and keep the guns away. Calm down; your friend will need your crying shoulder.


Just like Selena Gomez said: kill them with kindness.

#28 Even If You Don't Agree With Your Best Friend's Relationship, Stand By Her

When we grow up, we find out that sometimes is impossible to agree with our friends about everything. Even when it comes to the choices we make in life.

Maybe you have your reasons why you aren't that fond of your best friend's new boyfriend, but you see how happy she is and you let her be.

The most important thing to do is to make sure that she feels how supportive you are. Be there and be happy for her. She'll appreciate it and you know it.


#29 Speak Up If You're Concerned About Your Friend's New Friend's Intentions

But don't leave things unsaid. Your friend needs to know if something here doesn't add up.

If you feel that you know something her man didn't tell her, let her know it.

#30 Don't Forget To Remind Your Friend Of Your Bond When You Need To

There are times when we forget about all these little things in our life, including the good people that surround us and make our life bearable during hard times.

Also, our time here is limited, so make sure that you remind your friends of how much you care, whenever you get the chance.


#31 Celebrate Their Successes Like They're Your Own

Being jealous of your closest friends is so out of date.

Jealousy is anything but healthy for your mind. Embrace the positive thoughts and celebrate the achievements of your friends like they're your own.

#32 Don't Be Afraid To Vent To Your Bestie And Let Them Vent To You

It's important to remember that you're not just a best friend. Your friendship is more than a title. You're her therapist, her sister, her companion, her inner voice, and anything she needs.


But when hard times hit the doorbell, then don't keep your thoughts and worries inside you. Share every single worry with your best friend, and let her be your support whenever you need some pep talk.

#33 Be Any Girls Security Guard When Trouble Arises

Some rules are too important to be mentioned just once.

Yes, girls. We need to stay together in everything we do. So, whenever you spot a girl that is struggling in a situation - offer your hand and help her.


Whether it's about an annoying man that irritates her or there's another uncomfortable situation - be the girl that helps. Some too many other women would turn their head in other direction and ignore, and that's not how things should flow.

We stay together and we fight until the very end!

#34 Grab Your Friend's Phone When Necessary

Yup, you've read it.

And if in any case there's alcohol involved, then the phone should be removed from her hands as soon as possible.


We don't want any drama and no drunk messages to ex-boyfriends, thank you very much!

#35 Never Go After Your Friends Crush Or Ex

Ex-boyfriends should be banned from the list of your possible lovey-dovey persons. And the same one goes with your friend's crush.

Let the rule 'first come first serve' rest this case, and keep your eyes (and hands) out of someone else's property. Even if their love story is a long-closed case, respect your friends and keep away.


#36 Never Ditch Your Friends For a Boy

There are no excuses for this one.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but friends were here before the boy came into the picture, so it's not fair to forget about them whenever you meet a potential new partner.

Friends will be friends. They are an important link from our chain of life, and they deserve the credit for always being here, ready to offer a hankie and wipe our tears whenever we need it.


Let's appreciate them - there are no doubts that they deserve it.