The 3 Most Disloyal Relationship Zodiac Signs

The 3 Most Disloyal Relationship Zodiac Signs

The handsome stranger walks over to you from across the bar. You exchange cell numbers, and the next day, you arrange a date. Everything is going great. That is until they drop a huge bombshell about their life.

They tell you their birthdate. Let the scandal and suspicion begin.

If you follow astrology, you know that there are some signs out there that are better suited to relationships over others. However, this one is not - yep, they belong to a notoriously disloyal Zodiac sign!

Now, you have a decision to make: follow your astrological know-how or stick it out and see what happens? Here's our guide to help you determine if that first date is worth the potential heartache.

A Victim Of Zodiac Rumors

the 3 most disloyal relationship zodiac signs

Everybody wants to know what Zodiac sign is most likely to cheat. Arguably, the top answer will be Scorpio (October 23 - November 21). This is because Scorpios have a steamy reputation - and I'm not talking about steaming vegetables, here.

But Scorpios are just a victim of bad press. Yes, they might make great lovers, but they are also incredibly loyal to their romantic partners. Scorpio is a fixed sign. This means that they are attracted to loyalty. Yet, they are also a water sign, which draws them to the mystery.

In other words, with Scorpios, they may want to try something as harmless as pretending not to know you. This doesn't give them a penchant for infidelity; it just makes them occasionally hard to read.

The Signs To Watch Out For

the 3 most disloyal relationship zodiac signs

Partners of disloyal people often blame themselves. Thoughts like, "I should have realized," or "What did I do wrong?" run through their head. Another common afterthought is, "The signs were there," even if they really weren't. But maybe knowing the classic behaviors of the disloyal person's Zodiac sign can help you know what to expect.

With that in mind, let's zoom in on the top 3 Zodiac signs to look out for in relationships.

3) Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini is represented by The Twins. Sadly, a Gemini doesn't consider you their other half - that is also them - for the Twins represent a duel personality. Unfortunately, many cheaters enjoy the thrill of a double-life or a duel-life personality. Geminis are an air sign. Like air, they want to move freely, nor can they be captured.

Though these qualities do not mean your Gemini will cheat on you, it may make them prone to dishonesty.

But let's not forget the great qualities of The Twins. They require emotional and intellectual fulfillment and are kind and sensitive by nature. They will listen to your problems. They will show you comfort. But they expect this in return consistently.

Geminis can easily make someone feel special. A Gemini will instinctively touch your arm or hand to show sympathy. However, the recipient often misunderstands this as flirting. Without meaning to, a Gemini could easily find themselves falling into an affair with your best friend.

So, if you are a partner of a Gemini, then be prepared to stimulate their mind and body. Or else, they might accidentally find the missing stimulation elsewhere.

2) Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Just like an Alpha lion, Leos want to be the center of attention. They crave stardom. Yet, they also have the talent to back their claim. People born under this star sign are also known for their quick-wittedness, confidence, success, and humor. Because of this, Leos always rank high in dating polls.

Most people want to date a confident, funny, and successful person. Hence, Leos are never short of admirers. This attention fuels Leo's ego, especially if these admirers hang off every word that Leo says.

Because of their egotism, a relationship with Leo is more vulnerable to a third-party split. If you have a jealous side, it'll drive you crazy.

Leo wants loyalty in a relationship. As a Scorpio, they are a fixed sign. They won't sneak behind your back. After all, they desire acclaim for their actions. Positively, they are also honest and straight-forward. This makes for a good partner. But if someone else satisfies their ego more than you, they will honestly tell you, "G'bye!"

If you date a Leo, then you best laugh at their jokes. If not, then they could easily seek long-term love with someone who will!

1) Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries is the first zodiac sign. So, it's no coincidence that Aries will put themselves first. Of course, not everyone born under this sign is selfish or disloyal, but it's something to watch for.

An Aries often seeks new challenges. Sadly, this can also apply to relationships. Many relationships can become stale after a time. Intimacy tends to decrease as the usual date-night, or comfortable silence becomes routine and boring. Therefore, while they might not want to leave a long-term relationship, they can be prone to short-term affairs. Aries are easily seduced by novelty. However, they quickly become bored with newness and regret their actions.

If you can forgive your partner for straying, then you might salvage a relationship with an Aries. Yet, if they become bored again - which they probably will - then they'll quickly exit the relationship with you.

The best way to date Aries is to keep some mystery. Don't have a set routine. Be spontaneous. All of this will hold their attention. Otherwise, they could seek a new partner.

Astrology Is Only A Guide

the 3 most disloyal relationship zodiac signs

Of course, not everyone behaves the same; we are all unique. Astrology realizes this. The way the planets align at our birth varies from person to person. Therefore, we cannot use astrology as a 100% scientific way of determining whether a partner will be disloyal.

However, our Zodiac sign offers us an insight into our general personality. From there, our personality evolves into our uniqueness.

Don't ruin your relationship just because your perfect partner was born on a wrong day! Those few extra hours of labor that their poor mom endured won't necessarily turn them into a disloyal cheats!