The 3 Kinds Of People We All Need In Our Lives

The 3 Kinds Of People We All Need In Our Lives

Each relationship is unique, and generally, friends are our biggest supporters. But there are three types of people you need to grow fully, and they might not even be in your circle of friends. Yet.

Some people enter our lives unexpectedly and with no apparent purpose other than to be our friends. It's not a small thing, but not every friend will help your spiritual growth. There are exactly three types of people you need, in different stages in your life, that will inspire and make your life better.

The Teacher

Your guardian, the mentor, or easily your teacher is a person who will ground and inspire you. They will also train you to face the troubles and shower you with wisdom.

Your mentor can be a family member or a complete stranger. Usually, these people are older, and more often than not, they can be related to your religion or spiritual journey. For many, this teacher can be Buddha or Jesus.

The point of a mentor isn't to be your best friend. It's someone who will guide you, and someone you'll look up to. It's a person that will help you with tough moral and ethical dilemmas, and they don't ask for anything in return.

If you're fortunate enough, you'll get a chance to become a teacher yourself. Once you master the art of living, it will be rewarding to share your knowledge and inspire others to be their most authentic selves.

The Soulmate

Your soulmate doesn't have to be your partner. In fact, your soulmate doesn't even have to be someone you see regularly.

It can be a family member or a long-lost childhood friend. The thing about soulmates is that they always know what's on your mind or how you feel. Though it's hard to explain the attraction, your soulmate gets you, and you never have to be anyone else rather than yourself.

There are no awkward moments because you know each other's souls. You can be a million miles away and still have a feeling that they are with you.

Some think it's a past life thing, others disagree. It doesn't matter how you find your soulmate, as long as it's someone who fully accepts you and understands you without even saying a word.

The Mirror

Usually, the closest person in your life can be called your mirror. Their role is, to be honest, even brutal at times because they are comfortable enough with you to call you out whenever you're acting silly.

The mirror person won't take your BS, and naturally, you argue a lot. But, since you genuinely care about each other, and have that respectable, deep connection, you know that they have your best interest at heart.

These people might save you from making epic mistakes, as well as give you a boost whenever you have doubts. It's as if they are your subconscious, and they are making sure you do the right thing.

Your soulmate always has your back, but your mirror won't support immoral or plain stupidity on your side.

You don't have to know these three types of people at the same time. But if you're lucky, and you already met them, cherish them. Their role is to protect you from the world, as well as from yourself.

We all have a role, a purpose in life, and having these three types of people will help you feel spiritually completed. Not all will stay with your forever physically, but their impact will remain forever.